Bigg Boss OTT 2 8th July 2023 Written Episode 22

Written Update, Bigg Boss OTT 2 Episode 22, Shehnaaz Gill on Weekend Ka Vaar, July 8, 2023

The Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestants wake up and get ready to meet Salman Khan for Weekend Ka Vaar in today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 episode (Day 21).

Avinash Sachdeva and Falaq Naaz argue for a long time before Avinash finally admits that he enjoys it.

Avi tells Falaq his truth!

He informs her that he runs the risk of being eliminated and would like to release the emotions he has developed solely in the Bigg Boss house.

She expresses her gratitude to him for his confession and informs him that she is neither seeking nor prepared for a relationship.

Later, Avinash is teased by Jiya Shankar and Jad Hadid, and Falaq comes to enjoy the teasing with a grin on his face.

Abhishek Malhan then sits Avi down and tells him that he should talk to Jad.

Salman Khan welcomes the audience and explains that the housemates are going off on a different tangent. He then shows them a task in which the contestants must name two people they think are fence sitters (playing safe).

Cyrus Broacha and Manisha Rani are ultimately chosen based on popular vote, despite a disagreement between Manisha and Falaq.

Cyrus and Manisha are instructed to sit on the chair by the fence, while Jad and Pooja Bhatt attempt to clarify their misunderstandings in Jad’s seat.

Bebika Dhurve and Avinash argue over whether or not Bebika Dhurve’s statements match those of Janta.

Who exactly stands on the fence?

Abhi says that he thinks Manisha doesn’t play safe and tries to talk to other housemates about it.

Bebika, Jiya, and Falaq contend that Manisha plays it safe by covering up her remarks for the contestants.

Salman Khan welcomes the housemates and requests that they define “fence sitter” for him.

He asks Manisha what he means when he explains what the word “fence sitter” means.

Salman makes Falaq and Avinash sit on the chair after hearing Mansiha’s response and telling the contestants that she is a standup person.

Salman asks Pooja why he would have named Avinash and Falaq, and she responds that it’s because they don’t tell everyone what they think.

He continues his conversation with Jad and inquires about his agitation during the ranking task.

Jad asserts that he was not bothered by the ranking but rather by Bebika and Pooja discussing his error despite her apology.

Bebika is slammed by Salman, who agrees with Jad and says that she should improve herself by being nice to other people.

After that, Salman begins questioning Avinash and inquires about his motivations for speaking with Jad and Pooja during Jiya’s task.

Regarding Falaq, her support for Jiya while simultaneously opposing him gave the impression that she was a fence sitter.

Falaq is encouraged by Shafaq!

Salman invites Falaq’s sister Shafaq to explain to her what is wrong and tells Falaq that he cannot explain what he means to her.

Shafaq appears on stage and discusses how the season is not going well because no one is motivated to win.

Shafaq and Salman both tell her that she just needs to speak her mind in her own tone because the Janta is listening to her regardless of whether the housemates hear her, while Falaq tells her that she cannot speak up and shout like the others.

Shafaq departs as Salman reminds them that the audience is in love with them right now, but that it is their responsibility to keep them engaged and make them even more lovable for the show.

The moment Salman says goodbye to them, the screen goes black, and Jiya comforts Falaq by telling her to stop crying.

Manisha also says that her work is finished because Salman praised her tonight.

In the meantime, Salman addresses the audience and states that while contestants typically have disagreements with one another, one contestant has disagreements with Bigg Boss itself.

Cyrus complains to Bigg Boss in the videos that he doesn’t want to stay at home anymore because he doesn’t eat vegetables and doesn’t sleep well.

He also says that because Bigg Boss isn’t responding to him, he is becoming officially depressed. Later, Bigg Boss holds a meeting and tells Cyrus that they will respond in front of everyone because they like to be transparent.

The demand made by Cyrus to leave without paying the penalty?

Bigg discusses how Cyrus was attempting to convey a hidden message through his complaints about wanting to leave the house.

Cyrus discussed his contract when he was called into the confession, which resulted in Bigg Boss rechecking his contract, which is identical to that of the other contestants.

Cyrus is informed by Bigg Boss that there is no need to broadcast the entire episode about his illness, and the medical professionals examining him have stated that there is no need for him to take an emergency leave of absence.

Back in the present, Salman drags Cyrus to the front of the stage and lays on the floor, telling him how much the audience hates him.

While Salman welcomes Kunal to the stage, Cyrus declares that he has lost weight and that his thoughts have begun to diverge.

Additionally, Kunal lays down and inquires about Cyrus’s activities inside the house.

Cyrus tells Kunal to do something to get out of there and continues to whine.

Cyrus tells him to do something, and Kunal tries to encourage him by telling him to show his true personality.

Cyrus tells Kunal as a joke that he is only there to get footage when he responds that he cannot do anything.

Cyrus insists on cries of “I can’t hack it” and wants to leave while Kunal promises to get him food and Salman agrees.

Cyrus starts pleading with the audience not to vote for him after Salman tells him that he can leave the house only if the Janta votes him out.

As they say that viewers will now vote even more heavily for Cyrus, Salman and Kunal laugh, making Cyrus cry.

While Salman inquires about Cyrus’s homecoming and what the real deal is, Kunal leaves.

Cyrus accepts, and Salman reminds him to keep in mind the contract, which says he can’t leave the house on his own.

He is informed by Salman that he will experience his lowest point if he is eliminated today.

While Salman tries to tell Cyrus to stop acting this way, Cyrus says that he will be miserable inside the house.

Salman tells him that he doesn’t need to be on Bigg Boss because it would be unfair to the other contestants and the format of the show.

While Salman tells Cyrus that he is disrespecting the show, Cyrus continues to whine, declaring that he will only sit here and die.

Cyrus looks down, reasoning that he does not want to pay for it, which is why he is asking Salman to fulfill the penalty clause and the doors will open for him.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 22 comes to an end today, July 8, 2023.

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