Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th July 2023 Written Episode 21

Bigg Boss OTT 2 7th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 21

On Day 20 of Bigg Boss OTT 2, on July 7, 2023, the housemates begin their day by dancing in the garden to an upbeat song.

After that, Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev get into a little argument regarding the issue of Falaq warming her muffins in the microwave.

Is Pooja going to be a BUTLER?

Bebika Dhurve, on the other hand, heads to the pool while Pooja Bhatt holds her robe and announces that she is providing butler services.

Later, Bebika and Pooja sit with Cyrus and tell him how he occasionally acts chivalrous.

In the living room, Bigg Boss convenes a meeting and instructs the attendees to rank the contestants from 1 to 9, with 1 denoting the best performance and 9 denoting the worst.

Avinash presents vial lockets containing a pink liquid that will be distributed according to rank.

A ranking of the housemates!

First, Falaq asserts that she is deserving of the rank of captain because she has been the most active and her captaincy has not been surpassed.

Abhishek Malhan, on the other hand, informs her that she appeared to be more of a personal assistant than a captain.

Manisha and Bebika also speak up and claim that they are deserving of the top spot.

Cyrus Broacha claims he ought to be ninth, while Avinash claims he ought to be second.

Jad Hadid comes up and says that he has unquestionably made mistakes and ought to be on the third rank, while Jiya Shankar also says that she ought to be on the third rank.

Pooja rises to her feet and begins a lyrical speech in which she declares that she has never ranked herself in her life.

She asserts that the public awarded her the first rank, which they ought to keep in mind.

Jad ranks 9th!

Bigg Boss reminds the contestants that they still have time to freely express their opinions as they begin to vote for the majority.

When the housemates do not translate for him and explain what is going on, Jad becomes enraged.

After that, Abhi gets the first rank, but Bebika says that she deserves it and won’t settle for second.

Manisha assumes command and begins asking the housemates about their current ranking.

Cyrus is ranked eighth on the majority, while Jad is ranked ninth.

Manisha receives the rank of sixth, while Bebika receives the rank of seventh.

Avinash is ranked fifth, while Jiya is ranked fourth.

Jad is ready to go!

Falaq occupies the third position, Pooja occupies the second, and Abhishek occupies the first position.

After that, Bigg Boss tells the housemates that they are not delusional and that this is a reality show.

They do not align with Janta’s viewpoint, according to The Bigg Boss.

Pooja and Bebika get into an argument with Abhi, arguing that his viewpoint conflicts with the Janta.

Bebika is sarcastically mocked by Abhi for being both the Janta and the Bigg Boss.

He makes Bebika accuse him of bodyshaming by calling her a sofa and Tuntun Mausi.

While Abhi and Jiya continue to bother him, Jad goes to the balcony and tells the other housemates not to talk to him until he leaves. Since he is upset and unable to express himself, Jiya tries to touch his face, but he tells her not to because he feels trapped in his own body and must listen to someone’s insults in a language he cannot understand.

While the other housemates attempt to communicate with Jad, Bebika, Falaq, and Pooja continue to make derogatory remarks about him and judge him.

Jiya tells Manisha to leave Jad alone and voice her opinions inside when she approaches him to try to calm him.

Pooja and Bebika disagree with Jad!

While the other housemates discuss the incident, Jad goes to the camera and says that he wants to leave.

Falaq pursues Jad to the changing area, where he is packing his luggage, after yelling at the housemates to allow her to speak with him.

While Pooja tells Bebika to learn on her own, she continues to complain that some contestants do not favor her over Jad.

Jad opens up to Falaq about how everyone is afraid of Bebika and Pooja because they keep quiet in front of them.

He tells them that the way they talk to and about it makes him feel disgusted with himself.

While Pooja states that she will be content if she leaves and Jad stays by Janta’s decision, Abhishek tries to explain to Pooja why Jad is upset.

Cyrus, Jiya, Falaq, and Abhi sit with Jad to comfort him and persuade him to stay the night. They also promise to let him go the next day if he still wants to go.

Abhishek tells Jad that he has tried to tell Pooja a lot of things, but he can’t change her personality, and Jad asks them to speak up against Pooja now that he has served his sentence.

Later, as Jad apologizes to Avi, he gives him a hug and weeps, and Avi also breaks down in tears and says that he doesn’t have to apologize to him.

Manisha and Abhi are sitting together and laughing about how Pooja tried to appear modest while wanting the top position.

Cyrus does not intervene in the argument that Cyoja and Bebika are having at the same time.

Later, Bebika fights with Abhi, and when Manisha helps her, Jiya and Abhi start making fun of her.

Today, July 7, 2023, marks the end of Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023, Episode 21.

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