Bigg Boss OTT 2 6th July 2023 Written Episode 20

Today Episode Bigg Boss OTT 2 6th July 2023 Written Episode 20 Updated

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The opening scene of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 6th July 2023 episode (Day 19) begins with all of the housemates waking up to a catchy song, giggling, and dancing to express their slumber.

Further, Manisha Rani attempts to encourage as still steamed Bebika Dhurve telling her to not see Jad Hadid.

Bebika goes inside expressing that she would even not like to recognize his reality while Cyrus Broacha inquires as to whether he ought to fix things up among her and Jad.

Blowing up, Bebika lets him know that he isn’t thinking carefully and Pooja Bhatt concurs with her and tells Cyrus to not be conciliatory.

Jiya and Bebika engaged in a catfight!

Abhinav Sachdev and Falaq Naaz, on the other hand, tease and laugh together.

Avi is instructed by Bebika to bring Jiya Shankar so that she can inquire about the recipe.

Later, Jiya tries to talk to Bebika while she is chatting with Cyrus and Pooja.

Jiya says she doesn’t want to talk to Bebika anymore as she leaves and talks to Jad and other people.

Bebika again won’t cook for Jad and Abhishek Malhan which maddens Abhi who tells her to not acquire her own battles food.

The housemates decide to switch roles and assign Manisha to cook, with Abhi assisting with the rotis.

Bebika refuses Jiya’s request to begin doing the dishes tomorrow, stating that they are attempting to remove her from her position in the kitchen.

Pooja upholds Bebika and contends with the remainder of the house saying that Bebika is just declining to do the rotis and is making all the other things.

Jiya says that it isn’t endurable while Pooja gets out the point expressing that he can get by on food as it were.

She asks Bigg Boss for permission to lock Bebika up.

Avi goes to Bebika to try to persuade her, which leads to a heated argument. Meanwhile, Jiya comes to Bebika and yells at her to leave the kitchen.

Bebika and Jiya’s argument continues while Falaq tries to calm it down but leaves.

Bebika continues her argument with Abhishek, claiming that he shames her body.

While Cyrus tries to persuade Pooja and Bebika to find a solution, Falaq, Abhi, Jiya, and Jad sit in the garden and discuss Bebika’s negative behavior.

When Manisha talks to Bebika, she agrees to do the dishes, and the other housemates feel relieved.

Since it requires two people to complete the task, the others refuse to assist Bebika, and Jiya decides to only provide her with dinner plates.

Jad and Falaq come together!

After that, Avi sits with Falaq and tries to persuade her to speak with Jad, which she eventually does.

While Manisha calls Bebika to sit down, she is seated with Abhi.

While Abhi chuckles ironically, Bebika leaves after refusing to sit with snakes referring to Abhi.

After that, Falaq sits with Jad and talks about her issues with him. She tells him not to disappoint her and to choose his words carefully.

As they hug, Jad declares that he will concur with what she says and refers to her as Didi.

After that, Bigg Boss assigns them a task in which they must press the buzzer and voice their complaints about Captain Jiya. Both Jiya and the complainant must select a Bebika who complained about Jiya for not being a competent captain while selecting Pooja as her jury.

In contrast, Jiya selects Abhishek to serve on her jury.

Later on, Bigg Boss asks Pooja and Abhishek if they think Jiya is guilty or not, and they say that Jiya is innocent.

Afterward, Avinash takes care of Falaq and they snicker while Abhi attempts to fix up among Manisha and Jad by interpreting between them.

Is Jiya blameworthy or not?

After that, Manisha presses the buzzer to express her displeasure with Jiya and asserts that she chose Abhi as her jury in an irresponsible manner as a captain.

Jiya chooses Avi as a jury and eventually, Jiya is demonstrated blameworthy.

Later, Bebika makes a joke about Manisha and asks her if she is sad because she sings sad songs.

While Abhi instructs Manisha to speak and states that Bebika is the first on the list, she makes the offer to break the legs of those who broke her friends’ hearts.

Bebika, having been influenced by Abhi, tells Manisha not to speak after she tells her that she broke her heart the most.

Bebika and Abhi get into a sarcastic argument, and Abhi starts laughing like a witch.

He is amused when Pooja instructs him to record his laugh outside so she can use it as her ringtone.

Too Yumm chips assigns a task to the housemates at night, requiring them to traverse the Karara lane with one of their legs bound, resembling a three-legged race.

Bebika-Manisha, Jiya-Avi, and Abhi-Cyrus are the pairs, and they will have to finish eating the chips at the checkpoint before moving on to the next location.

The task will be won by the pair that completes it in the shortest amount of time.

Jiya and Avi complete the task in just 5 minutes and 51 seconds, whereas Manisha and Bebika complete it in 8 minutes, 52 seconds.

However, Abhi and Cyrus win the task by finishing it in just 4 minutes, 39 seconds.

As a result, the pair that comes out on top receives a Too Yumm t-shirt and one packet of snacks each.

Later, Manisha sits with the other housemates and talks about how she once flirted with a handsome man while acting drowsy in front of him.

In contrast, Jiya makes fun of Falaq by claiming that she and Avi are a cute couple, and Falaq tells Jiya that she wants to slap her.

After teasing her there, Jiya leaves, and Falaq hits her with a pillow, starting a pillow fight with her.

Avi inquires about what she said to Faaz that caused her to become so enraged, and Jiya responds that Falaq neither agreed nor denied.

After that, while Falaq observes them and laughs to her heart’s content, Abhi and Manisha engage in a playful fight while doing the dishes.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 20 comes to an end today, July 6, 2023.

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