Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th July 2023 Written Episode 19

Bigg Boss OTT 2 5th July 2023 Written Episode 19 Update

Today Episode 5th July 2023 Episode is very interesting then other episodes.

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 5th July 2023 episode (Day 18) begins with every one of the housemates waking to the melody ‘Raita Bomb Gaya’ as they race to the nursery and dance to the tune.

Bigg Supervisor declares that Manisha Rani’s prison time has finished at this point.

Jiya is evaluated!

Afterward, Cyrus Broacha is asking Bebika Dhurve what she is making for lunch while Jiya Shankar expresses that there is no roti in his apportion.

Bebika answers that there is flour in the general apportion while Jiya and her beginning contending as Manisha quietly keeps doing whatever she might want to do.

Afterward, Bigg Manager holds a gathering in the residing region where he lets them know that since Jiya is feeling forced by the captaincy, there will again be SattaBadli task in the BB House.

Avinash Sachdev brings the guidance and peruses the errand where Jiya will be sat on a high position for three hours persistently while the other housemates will make an honest effort to inspire her to leave the privileged position.

As the undertaking begins, Manisha Rani and Bebika begin going after Jiya utilizing ‘messy’ tissues and water sprinkles.

Abhishek Malhan additionally begins putting zest blends all over while Manisha and Bebika caution him to not put it on her eyes.

Jad gets involved without a good reason

Jad Hadid, Pooja Bhaat, and Falaq Naaz discuss the errand as though it’s torment while Abhi, Bebika, and Manisha play the game and attempt to impel Jiya to get off the lofty position.

Jad lets Manisha know that he won’t converse with her in the event that she proceeds with this torment while Manisha lets him know that it is an undertaking and that everybody would have done likewise had she been in Jiya’s place.

Abhi reprimands Avi for aiding Jiya and won’t do the undertaking any longer while Manisha pursues him and advises him to keep playing the assignment.

Avi at long last murmurs that he would have zero desire to eliminate Jiya when he made her the chief in any case.

Falaq tells Jad to not express sick words while Jiya lets Avi know that her face is consuming however she won’t talk until she wins the errand.

As the errand proceeds, Falaq and Avi keep helping Jiya while Jiya argues against Manisha, Bebika, and Abhi.

Afterward, Abhi puts some slurry all over which makes her beginning reviling in desolation while Bebika and Manisha come outside to see what has occurred.
Jiya calls Bebika, Manisha, and Abhi torturers and they tell her that it is only a piece of the undertaking.

Jad heads inside and condemnations as he furiously as he tosses something on the rug.

The housemates keep bantering among themselves while Jiya and Bebika get into a monstrous contention since Bebika expressed that Jiya is supporting somebody who likes to show their backside.

Afterward, Jad takes a gander at Bebika and disagreements on the ground while concocting a rationalization that he had a hair in his mouth.

Every one of the housemates tell Jad to not do this while Abhi tells Bebika to not drag Jad into the game.

Bebika and Jiya Shankar argue over the incident with Jad’s buttocks

Bebika goes to Cyrus and lets him know that she’s upset he didn’t shout out about the spitting occurrence.

The undertaking closes with the bell as Manisha and Falaq Naaz compliment Jiya while Bigg Supervisor express that since nobody could eliminate Jiya from the high position, she keeps up with the place of the skipper and that the selections are fixed as well.

Afterward, Jad contends that his eggs are missing and requests that he be given eggs from the overall food things.

Pooja denies as she expresses that she utilizes those eggs to have her protein consumption.

Then again, Bebika lets Falaq and Cyrus know how awful she feels about the spitting episode while Falaq advises her to converse with Bigg Supervisor about it.

Jad converses with Abhi and Avi contending that Bebika is showing counterfeit tears to acquire compassion.

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Later, Bigg Boss calls a meeting in the living area and informs the participants that the SattaBadli assignment will once more be assigned because Jiya is under pressure from the captaincy.

Jiya keeps her position as captain!

Manisha and Falaq Naaz congratulate Jiya at the task’s conclusion, and Bigg Boss announces that Jiya will continue to hold the position of captain and that the nominations will also be set.

Afterward, Jad contends that his eggs are missing and requests that he be given eggs from the overall food things.

Pooja declines, claiming that she consumes her protein from those eggs.

In contrast, Bebika expresses her regret over the spitting incident to Cyrus and Falaq, who encourages her to discuss it with Bigg Boss.

Jad converses with Abhi and Avi contending that Bebika is showing counterfeit tears to acquire compassion.

Around evening time, Jiya and Jad stand on the flour that Jad had tossed out of resentment while she lets him know that he shouldn’t have done that.

While Bebika declares that she will not prepare food for Jad and Abhi, he justifies his rage and sweeps it under the rug.

Jad reluctantly accepts Jiya’s suggestion that he apologize to Manisha, despite Manisha’s assurances.

Later, Jiya and Manisha Rani sit together as Jiya apologizes to her. Manisha then gets a little emotional and says that she won’t talk to Jad during their Bigg Boss journey.

Bebika and Pooja are discussing Abhi at night while Cyrus sits with them there.

Bebika tells Cyrus that if he sits too much with Jad, she will also distance herself from him.

Abhi and Manisha, on the other hand, sit together and discuss the day’s events.

Afterward, Abhi, Manisha, and Falaq stroll through the nursery while Manisha begins lauding herself in a graceful manner dazzling both Abhi and Falaq.

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