Bigg Boss OTT 2 3rd July 2023 Written Episode 17

Bigg Boss OTT 2 3rd July 2023 Written Update, Episode 17

All of the housemates wake up in today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 16 on July 3, 2023, to the song blaming, indicating that it is morning.

To start their day off right, the housemates race to the garden dance, where they begin preparing for breakfast.

Cyrus Broacha and Pooja Bhatt stress over what they would eat as the eggs have been removed.

In the mean time, Falaq Naaz and Jiya Shankar additionally contend in the washroom region concerning who might go first since the subsequent restroom has been locked.

Further, Bigg Manager reports one more assignment and advises the housemates to cast a ballot whom they might want to take out.

Manisha Rani, Jiya, Cyrus, Bebika Dhurve, Avinash Sachdeva, and Falaq Naaz are the final contestants to be eliminated.

As punishment for his actions last week, Jad Hadid is also up for elimination.

A while later, Bigg Manager calls every one of the candidates into the living region and lets them know that Abdu Rozik will leave.

The housemates blow up when Bigg Manager lets them know that Abdu can make a video collection with four selected hopefuls out of the seven and advises him to pick.

Abdul picks Manisha, Jad, Jiya, and Abhinav after which they all begin following through with the responsibility.

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The competitors who the housemates want to recommend for eviction should have the reject stamp placed on them by Bigg Boss.

Manisha and Jiya are proposed by Bebika Dhurve.

Jiya Shankar nominates Avinash Sachdev, whereas Cyrus Broacha nominates both Jiya and Avinash.

Manisha Rani and Cyrus are nominated by Pooja Bhatt on the grounds that Manisha has begun to manage her thoughts and is beginning to

Jad nominates himself and Bebika, while Falaq Naaz adds Manisha and Cyrus to his list of nominees. The other roommates feel bad for Jad.

While Bigg Boss informs him that self-nomination is not permitted, he explains to them that he now recognizes what he done was improper.

After that, Jad continues to explain why he chose to nominate Pooja, and Bigg Boss commends him for his justification.

9 Persons Nominated!

Falaq and Bebika are nominated by Abhishek Malhan, while Falaq is also nominated by Manisha.

While Jiya is talking to Had about the onion incident, Bebika, Cyrus, Manisha, Jiya, Falaq, and Avinash are nominated.

Manisha Rani steps in, forcing Jiya to raise her voice and fight louder while rising up.

Cyrus encourages both women to calm down a little while Manisha wants her to take off her pointed finger and explain.

Upon seeing the altercation, Abdu Rozik chuckles and shakes his head to ridicule their loud shouts.

Later, Abhi asks Jiya what she meant when she said she didn’t play like the other girls, but Jiya responds that she left him out.

Instead, she describes how Manisha never makes an effort to comprehend her when she makes an effort to sit with her.

Manisha sobs in the yard alone herself as Jiya says she should have nominated her but didn’t after Abhi claims he didn’t enjoy their quarrel.

Abhi makes an effort to mediate disputes

Bebika confides in Pooja that she believes Abhi and Manisha became envious of Pooja’s support for her.

Pooja warns her that if she behaves badly towards anyone, she won’t support her.

Inquiring as to why Manisha is sobbing, Abhi assures her that he too would have been selected if he weren’t the captain.

Manisha is accused of copying and pasting by Jiya, Falaq, and Manisha in the changing room.

Later, the housemates tease that Puneet Superstar will return, and Abhi teases Manisha by going to her and telling her that Bebika sent him.

While the siren is blaring, Cyrus nods off, prompting Abhi to threaten not to serve him supper if the sound is heard again.

Together, Abhi and Manisha discuss how Bebika’s attitude toward Abhi has altered after Salman Khan commended him.

Abdu says good-bye to BB OTT!

In contrast, Manisha massages Abdu as Abhi discusses who he believes should be in the top 5, and Abdu also discusses it.

Later, the roommates are startled by the sirens and the message “time to leave” displayed on the screen.

They are told by Bigg Boss that Abdu must go, but since he is well-known on social media, he gets the opportunity to record a video album with the other nominees.

The Jacuzzi, Gym Area, Garden Terrace, and Bedroom Area are the four places, but in a twist, Abdu may only choose four of the nominated applicants.

Jad, Jiya, Manisha, and Avinash are all taken to different locations by Abdu: Jad to the gym, Manisha to the jacuzzi, and Jiya to the garden terrace.

Abdu then says farewell to his other housemates as Bigg Boss informs him that it is time for him to depart and that they liked having him in the BB OTT House.

Avinash and Jiya discuss how Abdu felt awkward when Manisha tried to kiss him after he has left.

While Abhi attempts to persuade Bebika to make amends to Manisha, Falaq prepares a dessert for the residents of the home.

He names her Babita and jokes that she should clean up the captain’s bowl as she points out his filthy bowl lying in the lawn.

Abhishek tells Manisha that the name of his housekeeper at his home is Babita once she has entered.

Jad tells Jiya and Avinash that he felt delight when he saw Avi express it while enjoying the delicious food that Falaq had prepared for them.

Manisha is weeping when Abhi arrives, so he brings Pooja to comfort her.

End of Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 17 on July 3, 2023.

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