Bigg Boss OTT 2 30th June 2023 Written Episode 14

The present Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 30th June 2023 episode (Day 13) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to a snappy tune as they go to the nursery and dance.

Bebika makes Manisha cry!

Bebika is making food when Jiya and Manisha come there and ask her what she is making.

In order to prevent Bebika from becoming burned, Manisha goes to lower the gas.

In any case, Bebika gets scorched and pins it on Manisha while discussing her childhood and low schooling.

Manisha begins nitpicking Bebika as she can’t hear wrong while discussing how she got raised and lets them know that her folks put forth a valiant effort and that she is pleased to be where she is presently.

Pooja, Falaq, and others go to Bebika and advise her that she was inappropriate to discuss Manisha’s schooling while Bebika won’t acknowledge it.

Another group task!

Later, Avinash brings everyone together in the living room to read the new task that Bigg Boss sent them: divide the housemates into two teams, Team A and Team B. The team that will rule the other team will go on stage outside the garden, blare the speaker, and give dares to the other team.

The other group should convey the challenges and finish it while Akanksha Puri and Falaq Naaz will both play as a member and an administrator.

Pooja, Bebika, Cyrus, and Falaq make up Team A, while Akanksha, Jad, Abhi, and Manisha make up Team B.

Cyrus assigns Team B the first task, which is to swim using the garden as a pool, and Jad, Abhi, and Akanksha successfully complete it. Team A’s attempt is unsuccessful.

After that, Avi picks up the speaker and dares Akanksha to kiss Jad.

Akanksha concurs while Avinash indicates now statin that they should lock lips.

In the end, Akanksha agrees to kiss him for thirty seconds and starts French kissing Jad while she pecks him.

French Kiss with Akanksha and Jad!
After that, Pooja Bhatt tells Akanksha that it is not a good thing to say while Jad and Avinash laugh and call Akanksha a bad kisser.

Team A also tells them to drink the four raw eggs in the cup, but Akanksha does it easily, which worries Team A. Falaq then tells the girls of team white to take off their makeup and apply it to the boys, while Bebika yells that this is not her idea.

A short time later, the housemates examine the challenge as just being a peck while Jiya will not do the challenge of eating three spoons of bean stew.

Eat vegetables raw, Abhi-Falaq!

When Jad tells Abhi that she is being evil, Falaq gives Abhi the courage to eat a raw bottle gourd and fights with Jad.

At night, Pooja gives Abhi one more undertaking to flip every one of the slips and change them while making the entire bed and he goes to do it with Manisha’s verbal help.

Simultaneously, Falaq chooses to give one more assignment to group B and tells Jiya, Akanksha, and Manisha to obliterate their cosmetics.

The young ladies concur while Pooja lets Falaq know that she ought to have advised them to surrender the cosmetics just and goes to the young ladies advising them to give up the cosmetics to them for three days since she would rather not ruin anything.

Take the wheel with Team B!

Presently it is the ideal opportunity for Group B to give dares and Abhi advises Bebika to go to each of the five people of Group B and apologize to them while saying that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to appropriately confront perusing.

Abhi tells Bebika that she must bow down, and Pooja tells her to do as instructed. Bebika begins performing drama.

After that, some of Team A’s food items are said to have been destroyed, and Akanksha tells Falaq to eat five raw onions.

But after the third onion, Falaq starts to vomit, and Team A tells her that she should only do it if she can handle it.

Bebika effortlessly picks up Cyrus for twenty seconds after Abhi instructs her to do so.

Captaincy is won by Team B!

Akanksha tells Pooja, who is playing the game on her own, to change and put the cushion backward in less than five minutes.

They go inside to do the assignment while Falaq cries to Jad letting him know that the other group has done them messy.

After that, Pooja is made Sanchalak because Falaq went to get checked out.

When Cyrus or Pooja refuse to shave their heads, Abhi instructs Jad to shower and change clothes in less than five minutes for Bebika, Avinash, and Cyrus.

he task closes and Bigg Manager lets the housemates know that Janta’s choice will be reported a short time later.

Jad’s misleading account?

While Akanksha claims that she only saw it as an acting scene, Jad informs his teammates that he was unaware that they are only supposed to peck each other.

Afterward, Jad sits with Jiya and tells her that he feels like Akanksha is giving him contradicting messages.

Pooja also tells Avinash and Falaq that Jad is fabricating a story by telling everyone that he was uncomfortable with Akankha and then enthusiastically kissing her.
After that, Bigg Boss tells the contestants that Janta liked Team B’s performance better and that they are getting the privilege of having one of them serve as captain.

Bigg Boss instructs them to discuss among themselves and provide three names, one of which will be chosen by the house as captain.

Jad becomes Chief!

At first, Team B gives Alnaksha, Manisha, and Jiya’s names, but Pooja tells them to put Jad and Manisha because she thinks it will be bad to have contestants nominated.

Jad becomes the new captain of the BB House after everyone on Team A mentions his name.

Later that night, Manisha tries to tell her team that, given the chance, they should tell Jad to save one of them.

Abhi is then summoned to the confession room, where Bigg Boss inquires about his happiness.

Bigg Manager advises him to sign a paper that says that he will give his title to another person assuming that he wins the show.

Jad Terminated! Captain Abhi!

Abhi uncovers that he needs to be the commander however he is confounded about regardless of whether he is on the correct way.

Consequently, Bigg Boss assigns him a secret task: locate the ten rule violations committed by Jad’s captain by the following afternoon and record them in one of the cameras.

Abhi nods in agreement, joking that both Bigg Boss and he are smart.

When he gets out, he goes to the camera and records the main rule break of Cyrus and Pooja talking in English.

Abhi persistently records the cases of Bebika, Cyrus, and Pooja conversing with one another in English.

The sirens begin to blare after the seventh rule violation is recorded, shocking all of the housemates into rushing to the living room.

Bigg Supervisor uncovers to them that there were many individuals who were disappointed with Jad turning into the chief, he gave somebody a mystery undertaking to find rule breaks and gave the cutoff time of the following day.

Nonetheless, that individual expressed seven rule breaks in less than one hour which dazzled him and thus, he is terminating Jad and made Abhi the new skipper of the BB House.

Group A thinks that it is a little unreasonable that somebody who disrupted the norms will show them manages more.

Jad desires to kiss AKanksha once more?

After talking to Jad and making him feel bad, Falaq goes and begins brainwashing Jiya as well.

Later, Abhi tells Jad that it’s about accepting an opportunity rather than stealing something from someone, and that Jad feels bad and would have liked a warming or something.

Pooja, Fala, and Avi plunk down with Abhi and let him know that they would have not cared either way if Manisha turned into the commander however she didn’t shout out about her craving.

Manisha and Akanksha try to talk to Jad, but he says he knows they talked about the captaincy without him and doesn’t want to talk to them right now.

Subsequently, Jad sits with Jiya and Avi moping while Jiya prods him saying that he kissed and battled with Akanksha around the same time.

However, he tells her that if given the chance, he will kiss her again, which makes Avi and Jiya laugh.

Manisha and Akanksha simultaneously laugh about how Jad would push them away if they got close to him right now.

Today, June 30, 2023, marks the end of Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 14.

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