Bigg Boss OTT 2 2nd July 2023 Written Episode 16

Bigg Boss OTT 2 2nd July 2023 Written Episode 16

Day 15 of Bigg Boss OTT 2 on July 2, 2023, begins with Jiya Shankar crying in the kitchen while the other housemates leave the seating area.

Abdu Rozik arrives and comforts Jad Hadid as he moves to a different room.

Jad tells him that he wanted to apologize, but the housemates told him not to because the situation wasn’t good right now. Jad lets out his frustration.

He hears from Abdu that he apologized and felt bad for what he had done.

A short time later, Jad goes to the housemates and apologizes to them separately while Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve let him know that they need space.

Salman Khan greets the housemates once more and tells them to hurry up and go to the eliminations because he has nothing else to talk about.

Salman tells Abhi that he made the right choice by accepting the captain’s position because he is safe from elimination.

While Akanksha and Jiya look worried, Manisha Rani smiles at Abhi for being happy for him.

Salman lets the women know that the outcomes are to be expected and reports that Akanksha Puri is wiped out.

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Salman welcomes the housemates and lets Jad know that he will be assigned for the following week for what he did while Jad acknowledges it.

He further discussions about the assignment while requesting that Avinash Sachdeva uncover his message about Pooja Bhatt.

Avinash discusses how he feels that Pooja is somewhat one-sided with regards to the orientation and age hole.

While Pooja tries to intervene, Salman tells him that he could have also talked about this with Pooja.

Being stunned at the manner in which she tended to him, Salman tells her that she doesn’t call him Salmanji since they have had an alternate relationship since youth.

Salman Strike Bebika

While praising Abhishek for writing what he has been saying throughout the show, Salman acknowledges that Bebika does not know how to speak and advises her to learn.

He lets Abhi and Pooja know that they will come to develop and begins discussing the allegations tossed at Pooja.

Salman lets Abhi know that he has been blamed for taking the captaincy from Jad Hadid while Abhi uncovers that he needed to be the commander all along yet let go of it since the housemates go on his childhood a ton.

He scolds everyone in the house for talking about Abhi’s upbringing the most, and he scolds Bebika and Falaq for ignoring Avinash’s violence and mean behavior toward women.

Salman lets the housemates know that they can’t be one-sided and tells them to not have twofold guidelines and remain straightforward for the following a month.

Salman tells Bebika before he leaves that he wouldn’t like it if someone spoke to him the same way she does to everyone, but she says that it’s not just her.

When the screen goes dark, Jiya Shankar expresses that she genuinely feels imbecilic since she was the person who started conversing with him once more.

Falaq and Abhi head outside and work out their disparities after which Jad gets kneeling down and apologizes to Bebika.

Salman Khan Reveals Avinash

Coming to another point, Salman uncovers that Avinash composed that Jiya behaves like a 12-year-old while he never talked about this to her.

At the point when Avinash attempts to argue, Salman lets him know that he seems to be a watcher and that they will open an extraordinary space for them.

A mirror is broken by two men who enter, revealing a small room inside.

Avinash is made to stay there while Salman advises the housemates to uncover the Kadhghara (witness box).

Falaq Naaz is brought there first while Salman discusses her being named as a ‘Duplicate Glue’ and uncovers the way things are valid that Falaq just duplicates what Pooja says and makes an interpretation of it into Hindi while saying that it is her own viewpoint.

Manish Gets Addressed

Salman then inquires to Manisha Rani as to why the housemates are afraid of Pooja when she is summoned to the witness box.

Manisha claims that the housemates have a lot of respect for her, which makes them somewhat afraid of her.

Salman acclaims Pooja and asks her for what reason she’s there while she uncovers that she is there to gain and show them from her experience.

He tells her that she has been blamed for playing the old card and Pooja answers that she simply puts her perspectives to the front with no trepidation.

Salman calls Pooja bold and tells Manisha to not be a quitter by playing discretionary.

He calls Abhishek Malhan to the observer box straightaway and requests that he set forward his viewpoint on Pooja.

While Pooja has judged Abhishek based on his encounter with Bebika Dhurve, Abhishek talks about how he tries to respect all of the women in the house.

Jad Apology

Manisha proceeds to commend Abhi while he converses with the camera and says that he misses his parent.

Bebika tells Jad that he was the one who provoked her, which he accepts, and Jad tries to apologize to her.

Abhi likewise attempts to converse with Bebika yet she won’t acknowledge her mix-ups.

In the mean time, on the stage, Salman invites the star cast of Carry On Jatta 3, Sonam Bajwa, and Gippy Grewal.

They carry on how it would have been assuming that they are hopefuls of Bigg Manager Punjabi.

Guests Bigg Boss OTT 2

He lets Salman know that he has been proposed to be a host in the show Bhidu Chief and advises Salman to show him how to do his renowned hello.

Salman advises him to rehearse by advancing the visitors’ film, Carry On Jatta.

Once more a while later, Salman welcomes the housemates and acquaints them with the visitors Gippy and Sonam who sing Bhangra for every one of the challengers.

Salman gives the housemates an errand to the housemates where they are given something specific and they need to say whom they might want to give the thing to.

While Jiya gives Bebika rotten fruit, Pooja gives Akanksha Puri the devil’s horns.

Avi receives a wooden stick from Manisha, and Bebika receives headphones from Akanksha.

Avinash gives a moving pin to Abhi while Abhi gives the neck cushion to Akanksha.

Salman tells the housemates that it is time for them to be eliminated and bids the guests farewell.


Akanksha gets eliminated…

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