Bigg Boss OTT 2 29th June 2023 Written Episode 13

Cyrus Broacha, Falaq Naaz, and Pooja Bhatt begin today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 29th June 2023 episode (Day 12) by discussing the reasons why Abhishek Malhan, Akanksha Puri, and Jiya Shankar talked negatively about them.

Pooja says that she is disappointed in Abhi the most because she had expected more from him.

They talk about how foolish they were to talk about eliminations when they knew they could be punished for doing so.

Additionally, Falaq informs them that she believes Manisha Rani is in love with Bebika Dhurve and is being influenced by Abhi.

Manisha dances with Akanksha Puri and Jiya Shankar when the song is played, while Pooja, Bebika, and other housemates watch.

Housemates attempt to reconcile Manisha and Bebika!

Avinash Sachdev inquires as to whether she can be companions with Manisha again while Bebika says that she doesn’t believe it’s imaginable.

Afterward, while Manisha is making breakfast in the kitchen, Jad Hadid and Cyrus discuss Bebika’s attitude and the way that being companions with her could be hard.

Manisha tells Falaq and Pooja to listen to her and says that she talked to Bebika the day before and thought they could work out their differences.

But Bebika only mentioned other contestants, giving Manisha the impression that she doesn’t care about her.

Manisha uncovers how she attempted to converse with Bebika earlier today yet didn’t get a reaction.

Manisha later goes to Abhi and tells him about Avinash Sachdeva’s negative comments about him to Pooja and others.

Manisha and Abhi make the observation that Jiya ought to have a little self-respect when she visits Avi, where she finally discusses the problem with their friendship.

Bigg Supervisor considers them into the living region and lets them know that the groups are as yet unchanged that is Group An Otherwise known as group dark which comprises of Pooja, Avinash, Cyrus, Mansiha, Bebika, Falaq while Group B Also known as Group White just comprises of four individuals which are Jiya, Abhishek, Akaknsha, Jad.

Manisha joins the White team!

Nonetheless, to level out the candidates, Bigg Manager tells Group Dark to eliminate two contenders while giving them an opportunity to think.

Group Dark gives Bebika and Manisha after which Bigg Manager tells Group White to choose one individual.

Bebika begins playing with Jad and calling him sweetheart to make Manisha desirous while Group White chooses Manisha.

Manisha goes to Group White while Bebika returns to Group Dark.

Thereafter, Cyrus discusses his shock at Manisha’s flip while Bebika derides her truism that she discussed it days earlier.

Manisha is called a CHILD by Bebika!

Cyrus carries Manisha and Bebika to the room region to talk yet they wind up contending when Bebika won’t tune in and acknowledge that she put Manisha in a bad mood.

Manisha follows her as she heads out.

Pooja, Falaq, and Avi attempt to quiet Bebika while Bebika grumbles that Manisha hit her yet she won’t hit her back in light of the fact that Manisha is a mix of a young lady and a kid.

Then again, Manisha sits with Abhi and lets him know that Falaq is the genuine snake of the BB House.

Manisha later has a fling with Jad and promises to be there whenever he calls for her.

She replies that she won’t French kiss him because her lovers outside won’t be able to see it. He then inquires about how she will do so.

After that, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a second Vico Vajradanti task in which they have to choose one person whose bad habit they think they should change.

Manisha vs. Falaq!

At the point when Manisha takes Falaq’s name, Falaq thinks about it literally and begins contending with Manisha after the assignment closes.

Falaq tells Manisha to speak for herself, while Manisha tells Falaq not to be diplomatic.

Simultaneously, Pooja and Abhi additionally converse with one another and attempt to figure out their disparities while he uncovers that he could do without it when individuals let him know that he doesn’t regard ladies.

While stating that she does not wish him harm, Pooja inquires about how he became so self-aware.

Manisha arrives there, apologizes for speaking too much today, and then gives Pooja a hug.

Falaq sits with Jiya at night and assures her that she has no ill will toward her.

Jiya discusses her trepidation from previous encounters while Falaq tells her that she knows and gets close to home saying that she has had an individual like that before.

While Jiya states that she does not wish to lose the friendship she established here, Falaq gives her a hug and encourages her not to overthink things.

Thereafter, Pooja sits with Manisha and Abhi letting them know that Falaq isn’t plotting with her yet that they simply have normal considerations.

Manisha discusses the shift in Falaq’s mood that she observed today.

Afterward, Manisha goes to Jad and plays with him again after which she sits with Abhi and pays attention to his tirades.

Jiya proceeds to embrace Pooja telling her that she is embracing her interestingly without being aware of it.

Jiya expresses her gratitude to Jad and tells him that everything that has gone well today is solely due to him before going to bed.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 13 will end on June 29, 2023.

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