Bigg Boss OTT 2 24th June 2023 Written Episode 8

Salman Khan begins today’s Bigg Boss OTT 2 24th June 2023 episode (Day 8) by greeting his housekeepers and everyone else who is watching BB OTT Live.

Salman says to the audience, “BB OTT is being enjoyed by all contestants around the world 24/7.”

Salman Khan has returned!
He concludes by stating that the fact that one contestant left the house does not preclude the elimination.

Salman encourages the audience to investigate the house’s previous day’s events.

Cyrus Broacha is doing weightlifting early in the morning inside the house, and Akanksha Puri is telling the camera how sick she is.

Later that morning, Jad Hadid speaks with the jail’s camera and tells Bigg Boss to get Akanksha out of there because he can’t be happy there.

Palak and Avi, their former lovers, fight!
In contrast, Jiya Shankar and Palak Puraswani make fun of Bebika Dhurve and her exercise routine.

Later, Jiya, Palak, and Avinash Sachdeva all sit together, and Palak finally finds the courage to ask Avinash why he chose her.

The two of them argue after he tells her that she doesn’t listen.

The housemates separate the two, and Falaq Naaz takes Avinash’s side, claiming that he was crystal clear about his position from the beginning.

Bebika tells Manisha Rani late into the night that she saw Abhishek Malhan upset and that they don’t have the guts to say that she is correct about her face-reading.

Jiya and Jad are having fun with each other while Manisha and Bebika are talking about her.

Bebika claims that Jiya is a narcissist who wants Jad’s attention because she is envious of Akanksha.

Jad then tells Aaliya Siddique, Jiya, and others in the audience that he believes Pooja Bhatt is an overbearing individual who wants the contestants to be her puppets.

Inside the BB House, con man Manish!
Back on the set, Salman says that seeing this, he has sent a gift inside the house as a conman from the new series Rafuchakkar.

The housemates are excited to see Manisha Paul as he enters the BB House.

He explains to the contestants that he has a task for them and instructs them to choose one person based on the phrase given to them.

Falaq picks Cyrus for the title of ‘Kaamchori Mera Naam’ and chuckles with everybody as Cyrus says that he accomplished the work so inadequately that the contenders are not allowing him to work.

Jiya is given the title “I, Me, Myself” by Jad, who affirms that Jiya is completely herself.

The contestants laugh, and Manish remarks that he has become more polite.

Housemates receive exclusive titles!
Bebika happily accepts the title of “Nautanki Mera Naam” from Aaliya, despite Aaliya’s negative remarks about her.

The title “Mein Jhooti!” is given by Manisha. “My Makkar!” to Akanksha and discusses how Akanksha changed rapidly after beginning out well.

Pooja says that she graciously accepts the title of Thugna Mera Kaam Hai when Palak gives her the title.

Cyrus and Pooja receive the title “Nakli Rani Sasta Raja” from Abhishek, while Bebika gives him the title “Mujhe Gand Pasand Hai.”

Manisha is portrayed favorably in Avinash’s “Full Idiot” and Pooja’s “Footage Ki Deewani” films.

In addition, while Falaq tells Manisha that Bebika is Manisha’s power, Bebika tells Manisha that she missed a golden opportunity to say a shayri in front of Manish Paul.

Bebika moves to the side and sits with Manisha, telling her that the contestants will try to make them fight a lot, but they must stay together. Manisha, being naive, is offended.

Salman calls out Abhishek and Palak!
Salman informs the audience that some housemates are still attempting to appear diplomatic in their behavior.

He says hello to the housemates and asks them to reveal their title and who gave it to them.

Salman continues by asking Abhi why he gave Pooja the title Nakli Rani. Abhi responds that he heard other contestants say that Pooja is biased.

Salman tells Palak that she must not have put in enough effort, and Palak reveals that she was the one who called Pooja unfair.

In addition, Salman himself gives housemates titles and comments while praising Manisha and Jad’s couple, which is entertaining India’s viewers.

Salman offers guidance!
Salman asks Abhi questions, saying that they thought he was excited to play the game but stopped talking when he entered the house.

Abhi describes how he had formed a bond with Manisha and Bebika, but that relationship is now strained.

Salman reminds him that Manisha had repeatedly told him that he was not trying to repair their relationship.

After that, Salman disparages Akanksha for attempting to systematize the brainwashing of housemates against Bebika and for the incident in which she instructed Avinash to converse with Jad in response to her own conversation with Jad.

The truth about Akanksha is out!
Additionally, he reveals Akanksha’s role in fabricating Bebika’s story while the two of them were incarcerated together.

While Salman also scolds Aaliya, telling her not to talk about her personal life inside BB House, Bebika becomes emotional at finally having some support.

Salman goes on to say that another person has made up a false story and calls Palak out for saying in her promo that she liked clean houses and has OCD, but she hasn’t been on the show in six days.

The screen goes off after he informs Palak and Akanksha that it is a warning.

Salman gives Manish a warm welcome on stage before asking him interesting questions about the housemates.

Manish refers to Jad as the BB House’s con man and Bebika as its con woman.

Later, Manish asks Salman to promote his own version of Rafuchakkar.

Salman tells the audience that the next episode will reveal who will be eliminated and bids them farewell.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 8 comes to an end on June 24, 2023.

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