Bigg Boss Ott 2 20th July 2023 Written Episode 34

Bigg Boss OTT 2 20th July 2023 Written Episode 34 Update

Avinash receives a covert mission!

Abhishek jokingly says he wants to flirt with Aashika Bhatia, while Elvish thinks he wants to do the same with Falaq.

While Jiya maintains a melancholy expression while gazing at Jad Hadid, Jad likewise keeps doing the same.

Abhishek carries Manisha around the home as she is dressed as a witch on his shoulder.

Avinash is forced to do a hidden assignment in the interim so that he may prevent Elvish from becoming a captain.

The audience is enjoying Elvish’s authoritarianism, so Bigg Boss tells Avinash they will keep it up.

Falaq must give Elvish a five-minute head massage, while Jiya must force Elvish to consume something she made.

Avinash must continue to act out in front of Elvish while doing so.

Elvish refuses Jiya’s attempts to coax him into eating, despite her best efforts.

Avinash is told to line up as Elvish’s rule resumes, but he resists.

Elvish then gives Abhishek the instruction to sit on the chair and speaks for Abhishek.

Jiya and Falaq support Avinash!

While Jiya continues to rub her cupcakes in front of Elvish in the hopes that he will eat one because it is a requirement for the covert mission,

Abhishek tries to tell Elvish about Avinash’s rage being a covert task when he enters the home.

Avinash is in the midst of breaking his assignment’s secrecy to Pooja Bhatt and Bebika one by one.

By offering him a head massage and food, Jiya and Falaq are able to finish their duty.

Manisha’s plug is taken out of the leadership room by Avinash, who claims she is unqualified for the position.

He also pulls the captaincy plug from Aashika Bhatia.

Manisha, Abhishek, and Aashika are certain that Avinash’s group is up to the challenge; otherwise, they shouldn’t be so cordial.

Then Falaq pretends to locate a snake beneath the sofa in an effort to get everyone out of the home, but no one falls for her joke.

Pooja tries to warn Abhishek about Avinash in the meantime, but Abhishek is unreceptive.

Later, while seated on the throne in his subsequent dictatorship round, Avinash makes fun of Elvish.

Bebika fights with Abhishek once more and cries!

However, when Abhishek mentions Bebika Dhruve’s father, Bebika begins to cry.

Avinash asks Falaq to take everyone outside so he may go into the task room in the interim.

Only Elvish is wandering the hallway, so Falaq leads him aside so they can talk.

Jiya is relieved of her captaincy by Avinash by cutting her off.

Bigg Boss gathers everyone in the hall afterwards to unveil Avinash’s covert assignment.

Three contestants—Aashika, Manisha, and Jiya—are eliminated from this week’s captaincy competition, and since Avinash performed the job satisfactorily, no one will post their video of humiliation online.

The Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 20th July 2023 Written Update has ended.

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