Bigg Boss OTT 2 1st July 2023 Written Episode 15

The 14th day of Bigg Boss OTT 2 begins with all of the housemates singing in the garden to a trendy song as they wake up.

Further, Abhishek Malhan advises Jiya Shankar to do her home tasks while she feigns exacerbation and tells him to not remind her as she definitely knows.

She goes to Avinash Sachdev and Jad Hadid and sasses about Abhi to them saying that he is behaving like a savvy individual when they all know his genuine character.

Bigg Boss, in the meantime, summons the housemates to the living room to inform them of a new guest’s arrival.

He tells the contestants to get ready and to give the new guest some advice before they enter the house.

The housemates hurry to prepare while Bigg Manager calls Pooja Bhatt into the admission room.

She enters the room to find Abdu Rozik on the screen, which surprises her.

She gladly agrees to advise him not to be influenced by other contestants when Bigg Boss asks her to before he enters the BB House.

Then again, Manisha Rani is called into the admission room when she is as yet preparing.
She hurries to the confession room and yells at them to put a filter on her while complaining that Bigg Boss didn’t even give her time to put on lipstick.

Whose counsel will Abdu Rozik take prior to going into the BB House?

How might the housemates respond to Abdu Rozik going into the BB House?

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See Abdu Rozik in BBOTT!

Bigg Boss tells Pooja Bhatt to tell Abdu who he shouldn’t be friends with when she comes in and gets excited to see him.

Pooja lets him know that he’ll be superb companions with Jad Hadid yet he probably won’t coexist with Akanksha.

While Manisha complains to Bigg Boss about not having enough time to get ready, Bebika Dhurve arrives and tells Abdu to stay away from Manisha and Akanksha.

She gives her opinion on everyone in the house and tells Bigg Boss to put a filter on her, which makes Abdu laugh.

Who Shocked the whole Country?


Bebika is enraged when Jad asks them if they can talk to this girl while referring to her.

Bebika begins to yell at Jad as he shows her his buttocks and tells her that she only deserves that, not his face.

Additionally, he ridicules Bebika, claiming that her family must be embarrassed by her.

Afterward, Bebika requests Bigg Manager call her into the admission room while she puts her baggage by the leave entryway saying that possibly she will remain or he will.

Bebika cries and tells everyone that no one listened to her when she talked about Jad being a fake person while Jiya tells Aknaksha Puri that she wishes the door would open.

Jad disagrees with Avinash and Abhi’s attempts to convince him that his actions are wrong.

While Manisha and Abhi try to console Bebika, she tells them to leave and Falaq tells Pooja that Bebika is not wrong for crying.

Pooja and Jad additionally get into a contention because of Jad advising her to tranquilly talk.

As she observes Pooja and Jad arguing, Falaq informs Avinash Sachdev that Jad is dead for her. She then exits the room.

Pooja tells Jad to not battle like a chick and lets him know that she has seen a great deal of folks like him.

A short time later, the young ladies believe Jad should sit outside however he disagrees while Pooja advises Abhi to persuade Jad to remain back.

Salman reproach the House Contestants

Abhi advises Jad to sit outside until the circumstance is quiet and Jad consents to sit in the pad region with Abdu, Jiya, Akanksha, and Manisha.

They tell Jad that they are aware of his admiration for women and that it was inappropriate for him to show his buttocks.
Bebika tells Bigg Boss when he calls her in the confession room that she doesn’t feel safe in the BB House.

She gets guaranteed by Bigg Manager as he enlightens her that they will chat on End of the week Ka Vaar.

Salman tells the audience that he opposes both of the ideas and wants to hear how the other housemates feel.

Salman greets the housemates and inquires if they have anyone to talk to, but no one responds.

On live television, Salman begins to discuss Jad and Akanksha’s kiss.


He tells them that Jad’s appearance and feelings of being a casanova are normal because he has done it in other countries.

Salman converses with Jad and Akanksha letting them know that they have done this voluntarily and that it isn’t prearranged in any way.

He talks to Jad and asks him if he would still have done it if his girlfriend were on the show. He says that he was very comfortable showing his buttocks.

Salman asks Jad if he should consider Jad a friend and Jad looks down.

After he informs the housemates that everyone is aware of what is going on when they use the restrooms and smoking areas, he begins to scold Avi and Bebika for their dare and Falaq for allowing it to occur while she was the Sanchalak.

As they talk about Sabhyata and their family, Salman scolds all of the housemates for having different standards.

He chastens Akanksha for utilizing the entertainer’s card to conceal her slip-up and saying that this all looked prearranged to the crowd.

Salman expresses his disappointment in the housemates for defending the situation.

Jad reasons that he feels like everything stacked up prompting his activities and states that it could never have worked out assuming he actually would have been the commander.

When Bebika interrupts them, Salman yells at her and tells her that he isn’t Jad or anyone else who should listen to her shrill cries.

Salman returns to asking Jad the way things are connected and lets him know that he ought to apologize to the housemates, Bebika, and the country.

He tells Jad to apologize to the nation because it is a conservative but forgiving nation.

Salman informs the housemates that he will leave the show if something similar occurs again.

Jad apologizes to the housemates, the nation, and everybody while Salman lets him know that he shouldn’t have done this basically for his girl.

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