Bigg Boss Ott 2 19th July 2023 Written Episode 33 Update

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update, Episode 33, for July 19, 2023

The present Bigg Manager OTT 2 nineteenth July 2023 episode (Day 32) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to a vigorous tune as they go to the nursery and dance.

Falaq Naaz enters the kitchen and engages in conversation with Avinash Sachdev while he mocks her.

She giggles letting him know that he should be provoked while Manisha Rani comes there and makes her espresso disregarding them.

Further, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, and Aashika Bhatia are talking while Pooja Bhatt calls Aashika to her.

Elvish dishes Falaq!

Further, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, and Aashika Bhatia are talking while Pooja Bhatt calls Aashika to her.

Elvish and Manisha discuss how the members of their family are their angels.

Elvish says that he prefers Falaq a great deal since she is the first yet from the lower part of the housemate positioning.

When Aashika comes back, Elvish tells her that she looks great in traditional clothing.

She uncovers she has no outfits while Manisha offers her outfits.

Then again, Pooja converses with Avi and lets him know how Abhishek Malhan and Elvish contend against just females.

Afterward, Elvish gets apathetic with work thinking that he sees no requirement for it while Avi lets him know where the residue is.

Abhi gives Avi and Falaq his justification behind designating Falaq while Avi says that he doesn’t believe it’s legitimate.

Jad Hadid later attempts to play with Aashika while Elvish lets him know that he is now hitting on Aashika.

Elvish ki Satta!

Abhi and Elvish sit with Jad and later let him know that Manisha is truly focusing on him while he lets them know that he finds Manisha tricky.

Elvish’s punishment is over when Bigg Boss calls all of the housemates for a meeting later.

Bigg Manager uncovers that Elvish will administer since he is the new tyrant of the house.

Avi peruses from the guidelines let the housemates know that Elvish is a brutal and narrow minded tyrant who will make every one of the housemates work.

There will be three rounds where Elvish will sit on his privileged position in the nursery and direct what the housemates fouled up.

Toward the finish of each round, Elvish gives a name for the video of disgrace who will sit on one more seat for themselves and will commend Elvish while offending themselves.

Falaq goes to the dressing region and whines about Elvish to Aashiqa who says that certain individuals are bad to her while others are bad to Falaq and that it is the house’s strategy.

In the principal round, Elvish lets Jiya Shankar know that she requires some investment to cook while Bebika Dhurve cooks excessively.

He likewise chides Falaq, Abhi, and Jad while picking Falaq for the video of disgrace.

Elvish causes her to talk so she sits and does nothing while Falaq will not express things like this.

He should spice things up, Abhi and Bebika advise, while Elvish advises her to declare her love for Avi.

While Elvish advises her to say that she loves Elvish more, Falaq repeats it and becomes shy.

Falaq also reiterates Jiya’s status as a snake capable of biting anyone.

Elvish keeps pushing Falaq to repeat himself and disparages the other competitors.

Furthermore, despite Jad’s claim that he has an apple allergy, Elvish asks Jad to chop an apple for him.

Jad is urged by Pooja to complete all assignments provided to him.

While she goes to Avi and makes jokes about it, Jiya pours soap to water and gives it to Elvish to drink.

Elvish, who finds the water strange, invites Manisha to sample it.

Additionally, Manisha grimaces and informs Elvish that the liquid contains soap or hand soap.

Jiya argues that the glass may not have been properly washed and that she doesn’t drink other people’s water while Elvish walks to the garden and commands her to drink it.

As Avi tells Falaq about the drama and laughs about it, they both fall into a heated quarrel.

Jiya goes to Falaq and claims to have argued with Elvish; Falaq responds by reprimanding her for adding soap rather than any other culinary item.

Jiya and Elvish battle!

After learning this, Jiya goes to the man and apologizes, explaining that she was only trying to tease him.

Later, when Avi keeps making excuses, Elvish instructs Avi to clean the dishes.

Jiya is informed by Abhi that the Elvish man wants to be captain.

As the second round gets underway, Elvish calls out the faults made by the housemates while selecting Avi for the film of humiliation.

While Elvish and Avi argue, he does not write what is written on the board.

While the other residents of the home are calming Avi down, Avi gets up from his chair and begins stalking Elvish.

Elvish is comforted by Manisha, who advises him to keep telling Avi to talk because the recording would be played regardless.

As Falaq and Avi pout in the third round, Elvish choose Aashika to sit in the film of humiliation and has her repeat his comments.

Later, Elvish sits with Jiya and Avi and tries to persuade them to carry out their responsibilities, but they refuse, which enrages Elvish.

Jiya eventually begins cleaning the dishes at night and laments that she can’t do it by herself.

Aashika makes a remark about it, which leads Jiya to challenge her.

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