Bigg Boss Ott 2 17th July 2023 Written Episode 31

Bigg Boss OTT 2 17th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 31

The present Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 17th July 2023 episode (Day 30) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to a stylish melody as they go to the nursery and dance to get away from their sluggishness.

Jiya Shankar tells Elvish Yadav to help her strip the garlic and praises her.

Elvish complies with her and informs her that she is very busy making them both laugh.

Aashika certainly stands out enough to be noticed!

In addition, Aashika Bhatia hears Falaq Naaz tell her that she is very strong because she has seen her outside as well.

Aashika leaves to sit with Manisha Rani and declares that she will definitely speak up if necessary.

She proceeds to educate Manisha regarding how everybody chuckled at her and afterward began showing their anxiety once Pooja Bhatt brought up it.

Simultaneously, Avinash Sachdev sits with Pooja and attempts to legitimize his activities saying that they didn’t have the foggiest idea about Aashika’s backload.

Avi is later criticized by Elvish for being possessive of Falaq, and she tells him to speak loudly enough for the other people to hear.

When Jiya notices the food that was dropped on Manisha’s bed, she goes to her and tells her to clean it up because she is the captain and makes a mess.

Abhi-Bebika make a bet
They get into an extraordinary contention while Elvish and Bebika Dhurve serenade for them to battle.

Aashika upholds Manisha while Bebika gets into a contention with Abhishek Malhan letting him know that he upholds Manisha and even swore before her.

They bet on it while Elvish keeps egging them on saying that they ought to put Bebika up for races.

Afterward, Abhi jokes that he is no longer companions with Manisha and lets Bebika know that they are companions from this point forward.

Then again, Falaq lets Avi know that she needs basically a couple of years for her and just needs to settle down for marriage as she has no scene to date, anybody.

Avi tells her that she is extremely confounding while Falaq says that she is only like that and that she could vanish once she leaves the house.

Avi begins getting inactive forceful while Jiya advises Falaq to basically keep being companions.

A Health Camp is held at BB House!

While Avi and Jiya discuss how Avi ought to put an end to his advances on her, Falaq leaves, stating that she does not want anyone to understand her.

Abhi is an eye doctor who will examine contestants who they believe have lost their vision and have blurred vision during the game.

Jiya will be an oral master who will treat the most liar contenders with 4 patients basically while Avinash will be a physiotherapist who will treat the most lethargic individuals.

Each physician will be required to treat at least four patients and identify the patient who is sickest.

The undertaking begins and Abhi calls Falaq telling her that her relationship with Avi isn’t clear while Falak tells her that she is handling that as it were.

In the meantime, Manisha listens to people’s heartbeats as she walks around with a stethoscope.

After that, Abhi calls Bebika, and Bebika and Avi begin to tease him and only treat Abhi.

Abhi calls Elvish next, and he impresses everyone with his accurate responses to Abhi’s questions. Aashika is called as the final patient.

Abhi picks Elvish as is most debilitated patient after which he sits on the seat and peruses the board written in Abhi’s tent.

After that, the oral expert Jiya calls Manisha first and informs her that she has changed since becoming captain.

Manisha concurs saying that individuals become mindful when they have liabilities on their shoulders.

Avi laughs and says that Jiya is now invisible as Bebika starts to interrupt them.

Aashika supports herself!
After forcing Manisha to leave, Jiya calls Bebika as her next patient.

Jiya calls Falaq and Elvish as her last patients after which she reports Elvish has her generally wiped out understanding and makes him utilize an entire container of mouthwash.

In addition, it is time for Avinash, so he chooses Manisha to be his first patient and Aashika to be his second.

They both argue that they are not the most lazy, and Avi refers to Bebika and Jad Hadid as the following.

Avi picks Aashika as his generally wiped out understanding and causes her to sit by the pool as every one of the hopefuls give her virus water.

Subsequently, Aashika disregards Avinash and Jiya while Avi keeps bothering her expression that she is coming up with a rationalization that she doesn’t have her towel.

While Avi informs Aashika that she should have jumped into the pool in accordance with the task instructions, Bigg Boss announces that the BB Health Camp task has been completed.

Manisha teases Falaq in the evening by asking her if she has fallen in love with Avi.

Falaq denies after which Manisha proceeds to embrace Avinash who says that he is generally prepared for uplifting tones.

They embrace and Manisha lets him know I love you while Avinash understands that she is attempting to make Falaq desirous and giggles.

Falaq and Bebika begin to disparage Manisha, while Abhi and Manisha make fun of other people and suggest that Elvish flirt with her because she is certain that Bebika will propose to him.

Afterward, Avi and Elvish get into a contention while Elvish tells Jiya to not be a canine and talk from behind.

When Elvish insulted Manisha and BebikaFalaq taunts them for not speaking up for women.

In the mean time, Abhi tells Elvish to watch out for the phrasing he utilizes as the entire country will watch them.

End of the present seventeenth July 2023 Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 composed update.

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