Bigg Boss OTT 2 15th July 2023 Written Episode 29

Bigg Boss OTT 2 15th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 29

Avinash gets called “Bewakoof Ka Baccha”

While Falaq consoles Jiya when Jiya says that she needs to safeguard the young lady inside her.

Bebika, Elvish, and Abhishek Mallhan, on the other hand, are seated together in the kitchen area.

Avinash walks by while Elvish is talking to Bebika about her life in Dubai. The words Elvish says irritate Avinash, so Avinash starts a fight with Elvish.

Avinash gets warmed up while Elvish handles what is happening serenely.

Elvish calls Avinash “Bewakoof Ka Baccha,” which reenergizes Avinash after the housemates gather around them to silence them.

Pooja and Jiya become companions!

In the mean time, Pooja and Jiya sit together to discuss the issue between them.

Pooja clears up for Jiya what she said while she got unsettled and toward the end they embrace each other settling the issues between them.

Jad Hadid is chatting with Avinash in the garden about Jiya. He says that he likes how she eats, talks, or does everything.

Nonetheless, Hadid understood that Jiya should be more youthful than him, and can associate with 21 years or 22 years of age.

Manisha and Bebika’s nasty squabble

Manisha Rani is taking her supper out, and Bebika passes an unrefined remark at her about her being eager for male fellowships.

Manisha yells that Bebika has no regard in the house while Bebika answers back.

Manish accuses Bebika of calling him first and calls her “Bitch” as the conflict escalates.

Abhishek continues to support Manisha despite the fact that Bebika abused her first.

Pooja schools Abhishek to not chuckle or engage in that frame of mind between the two young ladies.

Elvish responds that he doesn’t want to come across as negative when Abhishek asks him to go and console Bebika.

As Abhishek watches Elvish change his color after being close to Bebika, the words make him laugh.

Manisha makes fun of Krushna when she enters the house and announces that Salman Khan will not be attending this week.

After a little chatter, Krushna requires 10 minutes during which Manisha lets Abhishek know that since Salman Khan isn’t there, nobody will view Krushna’s ideas in a serious way.

Krushna returns back and promptly calls Manisha out for the bitching.

He continues on toward Aashiqa and gives her the “Darshak” tag, requesting that Avinash clarify the importance of it for her.

In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode “Karela Vada Pao,” Krushna performs the task of “Badi Badi Baatein Vada Pao Khaate,” which serves as a metaphor for the fact that the contestants entered the house with lofty expectations but failed to live up to them.

The task’s first target is Falaq, who is shown in a clip from the first episode before entering the house and claiming to speak up about situational abuse.

Krushna inquires as to whether Falaq confronted her words which everybody denies.

Falaq is forced to consume Karela, a bitter gourd, from Vada Pao.

The following survivor of the undertaking is Avinash, who again neglects to demonstrate that his activities in the house were comparative according to his cases and consequently needs to eat the vada pao.

Everyone is required to consume the Vada Pao, with the exception of Pooja, Abhishek, and Bebika, as the former three fulfilled their claims prior to entering the house.

Elvish put-downs Jiya

At the point when the spotlight goes to Jiya for the undertaking, Elvish abuses her adage that Jiya that he could do without her by any stretch of the imagination as Jiya had guaranteed that nobody can detest her in any case.

Falaq and Jiya discuss Elvish’s behavior after Krushna leaves, and Falaq mutters a Punjabi saying that catches Jiya’s attention and makes her laugh.

Avinash also offers Manisha his apologies for his hurtful remarks during the conversation with Krushna.

Then again, Abhishek says that Pooja has the propensity for redirecting the point giving the setting of the undertaking.

Elvish concurs with Abhishek who sits with Manisha at the eating table and examines Jad.

Manisha says that she continues to let Jad know that individuals like the words he says in Hindi.

Krushna says farewell from the crowd subsequent to illuminating them that Bharti Singh will go along with him in the upcoming episode.

End of the present Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 fifteenth July 2023 composed update.

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