Bigg Boss OTT 2 14th July 2023 Written Episode 28

Bigg Boss OTT 2 14th July 2023 Written Episode 28 Update

The first scene of Bigg Boss OTT 2’s 14th July 2023 episode (Day 27) begins with the housemates awakening to a hip song that inspires them to get out of bed and dance in the garden.

When Elvish Yadav arrives, he enjoys watching them all dance.

Elvish targets Avinash?

Abhishek Malhan goes to Falaq Naaz and kids about how the housemates are having a great time now that there are trump card candidates inside the BB House.

Afterward, Abhi and Elvish sit together as Elvish says that he will ridicule Avinash Sachdev, Jiya Shankar, and Falaq.

As Abhi and Elvish are having tea, Avi comes there and advises him to put antiperspirant when he dozes when he smells a great deal.

Elvish counters advising him to close his nose when he rests.

After that, Elvish and Abhi make a joke about Avi and Falaq having two sides.

While Abhi tries to get people to do their jobs, Manisha Rani tells him to let her do her work and not interfere.

He gets her and tells her that he will toss her in the junk while she makes him put her down.

Afterward, Abhi and Manisha joke that Elvish is calling her to the corner while Elvish tells Abhi that Abhi and Bebika Dhurve’s pair is more reasonable.

Bebika tells Elvish to help her as she jokes that Abhi will make a meal video of her once he’s out of the house.

Visitors inside BB House!

When the doorbell rings, Bigg Boss calls each of the housemates and informs them that there will be a task in which many guests will enter one at a time.

However, the housemates will have to pretend as though no one is there and ignore the guests.

Dipraj Jadhav, a well-known influencer, is the first guest. He tries to talk to the contestants, but they all ignore him.

After some time, Bigg Supervisor advises him to leave through the leave entryway.

Manisha is cleaning the ice chest a short time later and Falaq remarks on it while Manisha advises Jiya Shankar to clean the cooler since she has done the crucial step.

Notwithstanding, Jiya straightly rejects and Pooja Bhatt stands up saying that she will make it happen.

The following visitor is Malini Agarwal Also known as Miss Malini who comes and starts lauding every one of the contenders and offering them guidance.

Bebika lets Pooja know that she will help in doing the refrigerator since Jiya is declining to make it happen.

Manisha advises Jiya to make her awful yet Jiya will not make it happen and says that she’s getting payback for when Manisha didn’t do her bed when she was the chief.

Battle among Manisha and housemates!

Manisha stops Abhi as he tries to make the bed, telling him that it is not his job.

Manisha likewise advises Avi to do his bed while Elvish does it since he additionally considers it.

Jiya responds that she is just being her extreme self, while Pooja says that Jiya is talking too much.

Seeing that the patio is as yet grimy, Manisha advises Abhi and Elvish to help her as she proceeds to advise Avi to appropriately clean it.

Avi, Falaq, and Jiya begin contending with her while Jad says that it was his obligation and just tidied the sofa.

Abhi upholds Manisha saying that she is telling them since she figures it very well may be preferable over it is as of now and persuades Jad to take a brief trip and perceive how Manisha cleans the patio.
Manisha is told that Jad is upset with her because she didn’t think about doing her job right when she wasn’t captain.

Abhi tries to talk to Avi calmly at the same time, but Avi keeps talking back in a rude way.
Falaq claims that Manisha does not give them a break and keeps telling them to do one thing or another.

Abhi brings the residue that Manisha gathered from the patio and shows it to Avi, Falaq, Jiya who actually stand on their responses.

Avi looks at Abhi to a monkey saying that he is bouncing into Manisha’s work while Abhi advises Manisha to talk pleasantly from the get go and afterward impact on individuals.

The housemates continue to act oblivious to the third guest, BC Aunty, also known as Snehil Mehra.

Afterward, Manisha gets into a contention with Abhi and sits in the nursery alone crying and eating while Jad comes there and attempts to comfort her.

Abhi comes there and embraces Manisha telling her that they didn’t battle and that he was simply attempting to clarify things for her.

RJ Malishka goes into the BB House next as a visitor and starts prodding the housemates attempting to get a response from them.

Around evening time, Pooja discusses Jiya’s bad behaviors while Elvish jokes that he will give cash to Avi once he escapes the house since he doesn’t be aware to share espresso.

Pooja silences Jiya Danny Pandit, the last guest, enters the house and starts trying to get people to talk to him. Meanwhile, Pooja sits with Abhi and tells him that she likes to stay back when Jiya talks because she thinks she is fake.

The clothes and suitcase that were in the pool are taken out when Danny leaves, and Jiya calls Danny stupid.

Bigg Supervisor compensates the housemates by giving them an exceptional proportion.

Bigg Boss assigns the housemates a second task at night called Bolo Rang Kesri, in which they must select housemates who they believe fit the hero’s description.

When Akshay Kumar is presented to Abhi, he selects the villain Bebika, claiming that she is a monster.

Jad is Shah Rukh and he picks Bebika as his better half hitting the dance floor with her.

Elvish is Ajay Devgan and he picks Avi as tricky winning the undertaking with Manisha’s assistance as she changes everybody’s viewpoints.

Pooja gets into a heated argument with Jiya after the task is finished, and the housemates try to calm her down.

Pooja advises Jiya to proceed to put on her cosmetics and get her expansions on which Abhi believes isn’t the right word.

Bebika tries to sit with Abhi, Elvish, and Manisha, but Abhi insults her, so she fights with Jiya over Pooja’s argument.

ManishaAbhi, and Bebika joke at night about how other contestants call them Janta, and Avi tells Falaq not to give them much weight.

End of The present fourteenth July 2023 Bigg Manager OTT 2 Season 2023 Episode 28.

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