Bigg Boss OTT 2 13th July 2023 Update Written Episode 27

Bigg Boss OTT 2 13th July 2023 Written Episode 27 Updated

The present Bigg Supervisor OTT 2 thirteenth July 2023 episode (Day 26) begins with every one of the housemates awakening to the Bigg Manager song of devotion while Pooja Bhatt is as of now in the nursery with her favorite.

Falaq Naaz converses with Abhishek Malhan and says how she will escape the kitchen obligation since individuals are difficult when they get self image conflicts with her.

Manisha becomes envious!

Then again, Manisha Rani is getting ready and dicing up the vegetables while playing with Jad Hadid who tells her that she is one individuals who made her proceed to want to remain in the BB House.

Simultaneously, Bebika Dhurve discusses Abhishek to Pooja Bhatt who concurs.

Afterward, Jad acclaims Bebika and Pooja while kissing them on the cheeks.

Bebika tells him to do it in front of Manisha, and as he walks away, she says that Manisha flirts with the house flies.

Subsequently, Manisha and Bebika are cooking while Manisha praises Jad.

Bebika tells her that Jad kissed her cheek and Jad repeats the experience while Manisha tells him to not kiss her any longer.

Manisha tells him that they have never broken up, so hopefully he asks if they have.

Subsequently, Avinash Sachdev shaves his facial hair while the housemates joke that they have gotten a new trump card section.

Later, Avi talks to Jiya Shankar and says that he didn’t think she would choose him, while she says she had promised to repay him.

After a few time, Jiya and Abhi sit and discuss how they could do without that Jad converses with Bebika while Jad reasons that they reserve the privilege to break their kinship with him and that he isn’t companions with Bebika yet has quite recently cleared things with her.

Abhi then tells Jiya that, from Jad’s perspective, she was absolutely wrong to choose Avi because Avi frequently ended their friendship while Jad was with her.

Manisha becomes Skipper!

As Bigg Boss announces that it is time to determine who will win this week’s captaincy, the housemates gather in the evening to watch.

While Bigg Boss orders only them to enter the activity room, Manisha, Avinash Sachdev, and other contestants observe their friends.

Inside the movement room, Avinash and Manisha get shocked to see two individuals.

Manisha perceives Aashika Bhatiya yet doesn’t perceive the other individual and apologizes to him while asking him for his name.

Elvish Yadav, a well-known YouTuber, tells a joke and introduces herself, making Manisha laugh.

A short time later, they illuminate Manisha and Avinash that they will be shown an image and they should make an image subtitle for the image while Elvish and Aashika will be the appointed authorities.

Toward the finish of the undertaking, the adjudicators declare that Manisha has given better subtitles as they would see it and report her as the champ.

Manisha is named the new captain of the house on Bigg Boss.

New Trump card section!
Manisha leaves the action room and embraces everybody while Jiya remarks that nobody needs to embrace her except for she is overexcited.

Falaq begins having a verbal battle with Manisha telling her to not take her name again while Avi lets Falaq know that he feels frustrated since it was anything but a fair battle.

With the exception of Falaq, who makes an insensitive comment, most of the housemates get excited when the doorbell rings, assuming that Elvish and Aashika are entering as wildcards.

Elvish hears from Pooja that Bebika has a crush on him, and she tells him that she complimented him because he spoke up for her.

After that, Abhi and Manisha advise Elvish not to be friends with Bebika.

NonethelessManisha urges Bebika to play with Elvish while Elvish tells AviJiya, and Falaq that Bebika is his aunt while Pooja is his Taiji.

Bebika and Jad get uncertain reasoning that Elvish is now companions with the other gathering while Pooja encourages them to not imagine that way since anything can change inside the house.

While Abhi and Manisha make fun of the fact that Aashika has always been her enemy, Aashika complains to them about Bebika’s absurd conversations.

Bebika peruses Elvish while Manisha calls them to the living region to disperse the obligations.

Every one of the young ladies won’t cook while Manisha says that assuming they are doing this to play with her, she is prepared to give the cooking obligation to young men who will make unappetizing food.

Pooja persuades Bebika to take on lunch obligation while Manisha gives breakfast to Jiya and supper to Falaq.

Avi, Falaq, and Jiya tell Abhi to not help Manisha while he reasons that he had helped Jiya as well.

After that, Elvish and Aashika settle on a bed, and Avinash and Jiya refer to Elvish as a cross between Bebika and Puneet Superstar.

Abhi is conversing with Elvish when Jiya comes there and Elvish advises him to pick either her and him whom he needs to converse with.

Jiya, Avi, and Falaq begin to disparage Elvish as soon as he begins to sit with Manisha and Bebika.

While Bebika wakes Elvish up and tells him about it, Avi, Abhi, Jiya, and Falaq make fun of him at night.

Today, July 13, 2023, marks the end of Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023, Episode 27.

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