Bigg Boss OTT 2 10th July 2023 Written Episode 24

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Written Update, Episode 24 for July 10, 2023

All of the housemates wake up to the song “First Class” in the first episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 on July 10, 2023 (Day 23).

Jiya Shankar, who is still upset, is encouraged by Jad Hadid.

All of the housemates wake up to the song “First Class” in the first episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 on July 10, 2023 (Day 23).

Jiya Shankar, who is still upset, is encouraged by Jad Hadid.

The fiery shift in attitude of Falaq!

In addition, Jiya tells Manisha Rani that this justifies her decision to put her in jail while Bigg Boss blasts the alarm for her to wake up.

Bebika Dhurve and Abhishek Malhan are arguing as usual in the restroom at the same time.

Later, Bebika asks Manisha if she thinks too much and she tells her how she uses a balm on her forehead and lies down to get better.

Manisha is advised not to use her brain as much by Falaq Naaz, who makes the observation that she uses it more than it can handle.

Manisha responds that she is very good at using her brain.

While Manisha tells Abhi that Falaq is attempting to act like an opinionated individual following the Weekend Ka Vaar, Falaq continues to make comments about Manisha to Bebika and Pooja Bhatt.

Abhi says that he hopes Falaq doesn’t turn into a villain while trying to express his opinions.

Abhi becomes BB House’s Krishna!

Later, Jad, Cyrus, and Avinash Sachdev console Abhi and call him a very nice person as he becomes emotional and weeps as he thinks of his family.

Bebika is making fun of Jiya at the same time by claiming that Abhi is very fond of her and including Pooja in it.

Since Manisha has trapped Abhi, Falaq enters the conversation and asserts that Jiya and Abhi cannot interact with one another until they become friends.

Abhi is encouraged by Manisha, who tells him that he is a young, handsome man whose time has come to miss his lady rather than his parents.

In contrast, Falaq and Jiya sit down to discuss how Manisha and Abhi are biased toward one another.

Later, Bebika and Manisha joke with one another while discussing their love lives, with Bebika claiming that she only had five relationships in her life.

Manisha tells her that her response was disappointing in light of her beauty and that she only liked two of the 22 people who confessed to her.

Gossiping in person!

Bigg Boss then holds a meeting in the living room with buckets of popcorn on the table once more.

According to Bigg Boss, the task is only related to that, as most people in the real world watch movies with their families.

Avinash reads from the instruction manual that Bigg Boss will invite two contestants to the activity area, where a lunch table with a variety of food is set up, to have a lunch date and talk about the other housemates.

Manisha and Bebika are the first to enter the activity room, and as soon as they do, they start talking about Avinash, who says that he doesn’t know what to do in the Bigg Boss game and might use his friends as a stepping stone.

Bigg Boss informs them after some time that the contestants have pressed the button, indicating that their gossip is not amusing.

While the rest of the housemates believe that this was an act and not genuine gossip, Bebika argues that Manisha prevented her from speaking.

Later, while Falaq is in agreement with him, Avi sits with Jiya and tells her that she cannot discuss criticism from others and must always attempt to defend herself.

They get into a fight after Jiya tells them that they are uncomfortable with her responses.

The very real conversation between Abhi and Pooja for the next round. Pooja and Abhishek are called into the activity room, and Pooja asks Abhishek if he notices any changes from the day before.

Abhi discusses Falaq’s increased activity, but he does not want to be portrayed negatively.

They also discuss how much they both missed their parents and family today.

Bigg Boss summons Pooja and Abhi from the activity room as soon as Avinash presses the buzzer once more.

Pooja explains that contestants, particularly Bebika, are worried because Abhi and Manisha have a large following, while Abhi explains that contestants only discuss it when asked.

Later, while sitting with Manisha, Bebika says that Cyrus thinks Manisha has a crush on Abhi. Manisha, on the other hand, says that nobody will call to fall in love in such a short amount of time.

Jiya is laughing as she tells Abhi that Bebika patched them up, and Manisha is telling Bebika that she thinks she has started crushing on Abhi.

Pooja deconstructs Jiya’s personality!

Jad and Jiya enter the activity room to gossip about Manisha. Jad says that Manisha is very intelligent but doesn’t want to learn new things.

He hears from Jiya that he should try to teach her to listen to and see things from other people’s points of view.

While Pooja presses the buzzer and says that Jiya sounds fraudulent, they also discuss Bebika’s insecurity.

While the other housemates assert that Jad was only real, Abhi claims that she thought Jad was being diplomatic.

Abhi then talks to Jad and asks him why he said that Bebika is not aggressive when he has said that many times before.

Jad explains to him how he evaluates the circumstances and how Pooja informed him that Bebika is simply insecure.

Jiya responds, “It’s just how I speak, and I accept it with my whole heart,” while Falaq sits with her and tells her that she gives back to people in a much more ugly way and to keep it under control.

Bigg Boss invites Falaq, Avinash, and Cyrus into the activity for the final round.

Cyrus Brocha departs from BB!

In the third week, Falaq starts talking about how Manisha has influenced her by calling her a “copy-paste.” She also talks about how she has become a Bhatki Javani.

She asserts that Abhishek and Manisha were correct regarding the task of torture.

Cyrus is advised by Falaq and Avi to express his opinions.

She presses the buzzer when the three start talking silly things about Pooja.

Pooja tells Cyrus when they get out that she pressed the buzzer because he said he wanted to go home.

Falaq tells Pooja that Jiya told her that she pressed the buzzer because she thought Pooja was ready for vengeance.

Abhi and Manisha are also in the garden at the same time, and he tells her that Falaq needs to think of herself as the top person in the house to be noticed.

The other housemates discuss Jiya’s conversation with Abhi despite his admission that they discussed her and Jad.

Pooja suggests that Jiya may wish to maintain her alliance with Abhi due to his prominence on social media.

Abhi later complains that Pooja has too many responsibilities for Jiya, and Jiya reveals that Pooja herself wanted to take care of everything.

Jiya tells him that she is upset that they are talking to each other and he asks her if something happened between them.

After Jiya visits Pooja to discuss the responsibilities, Pooja also discusses the retaliatory comment.

Pooja commands her words and tells Jiya not to play with these things that are too young for her.

When Jiya asks Avi why he said these things to Pooja in such a way, he doesn’t give her a clear answer. She says she’ll go talk to Falaq about it.

Finally, Avi and Jiya are leaving!

Avi returns to Jiya and engages in argument with her, reminding her that he was the one who appointed her captain.

This leads to a heated argument between the two, ending their troubled friendship.

Dinner is not prepared at night, and Falaq argues that she did not prepare anything because Jiya, the captain, did not inform her of anything.

Cyrus is summoned into the confession room, where Bigg Boss informs him that his family has expelled him from the show and the Bigg Boss house due to a medical emergency in the outside world.

He asks if Bigg Boss has actually granted his family’s request for humanitarian reasons and is instructed to exit the house through the left-hand door.

While Abhi sits with Jiya and inquires as to why she is crying, Falaq and Avi discuss Jiya’s overdramatic behavior.

But Bigg Boss calls them all into the living room to tell them that Cyrus is leaving the show because of a medical emergency outside.

While the other housemates start getting his bags ready to be sent out, Bebika starts crying.

Later, Jad sits with Jiya and tries to console her as she tells him she can’t trust them because they talk about everything she says.

Jiya is also consoled by Abhi, who advises her to avoid Falaq and Avi because they are unable to comprehend her.

Pooja and Bebika drift off to sleep after reminiscing about Cyrus while laying on their bed.

Today, July 10, 2023, marks the end of Bigg Boss OTT 2 Season 2023, Episode 24.

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