Barsatein 24th July 2023 Written Episode 11

Written Update Barsatein 24th July 2023

Today’s Barsatein 24th July 2023 episode begins with Reyansh telling Aradhna farewell and getting into the car while seeing her enter her house.

Reyansh glances in the rearview mirror and grins to himself, observing his expression, and recalls Aradhna’s comment about how he looks nice with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Aradhna knocks on the door, hoping that Harsh will not chastise her too harshly this time.

Bhakti opens the door for Aradhna and advises her to change her clothes and go to bed because Harsh has already gone to bed, which surprises Aradhna because she was anticipating more arguing.

The next day, Reyansh informs Aradhna that he and Vikram would be visiting Pooja’s residence to accompany her to her new home, which makes Aradhna extremely pleased.

She informs Harsh that she is heading to Pooja’s house, but Harsh is unconcerned and instructs her to do whatever she believes is right.

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