Barsatein 20th July 2023 Written Update Episode 9

Today’s Barsatein 20th July 2023 episode starts with Aradhna getting shocked to see Reyansh standing downstairs in front of their house with his news van.

Reyansh spots Aradhna and is about to shout but Aradhna asks him to keep silent as the others should not know that she has got out of the room.

Understanding Aradhna’s signal, Reyansh comes inside and bumps into Aradhna on the stairs.

Aradhna touches Reyansh’s shoulders and tries to recognize him when Reyansh lights up a lighter which makes Aradhna get flustered on seeing her hand on Reyansh’s chest.

Reyansh asks Aradhna to come with him as Vikram is waiting for them but Aradhna says that Pooja is to be taken with them too which leaves Reyansh confused.

As Aradhna climbs up the stairs, her foot slips and she lands on Reyansh with Reyansh saving her from falling to the floor by holding her waist.

Aradhna struggles to walk and Reyansh carries her in his arms, bringing her upstairs after which Aradhna goes to bring Pooja with her.

Reyansh sees a shadow of a woman and says that her marriage will be done by midnight at the temple behind the court, thinking that she is Aradhna.

Aradhna and Pooja ask Reyansh to leave which makes Reyansh confused as he turns around to find no one present there anymore.

Dinky Bua was the one who heard Reyansh’s words and tells everyone about how she got proposed to, making them laugh.

Reyansh asks Aradhna and Pooja to get into the car and he drives away from there while the girls comment that the marriage seems incomplete without a bridal lehenga.

Aradhna says that they promised to twin with each other on their marriages but that wishes will stay incomplete to which Reyansh comments that the besties should be least bothered about lehengas at that moment.

Still, Reyansh stops the van in front of a clothing store and asks the girls to choose their matching lehengas as he patiently waits for them.

Seeing Aradhna in a lehenga, Reyansh’s jaw remains open but he tries to act cool by saying that she is looking average.

Aradhna asks the shopkeeper to pack two same Sherwanis as Reyansh and Vikram will also twin but Reyansh refuses to do anything like that.

Meanwhile, Pooja’s father finds out that the girls are nowhere in both houses and guesses that Dinky Bua heard that boy talking in the dark after which they leave to search them at the temple Reyansh mentioned.

Reyansh reaches the temple in a sherwani making Vikram laugh at him.

Reyansh says that the girls have made him mad and he should handle his girlfriend after changing into the groom’s dress.

Reyansh imagines Aradhna getting married to Vikram while he showers flowers over them and feels his heart aching for no reason.

Aradhna comes to Reyansh and tells him that he really helped a lot in making the wedding possible and she is sure that Pooja will take good care of Vikram.

Reyansh asks why Pooja would be the one to take care of Vikram when Vikram and Pooja appear together at the top of the stairs and Aradhna says that they are getting married so they should take care of each other.

Realizing the situation, Reyansh asks Aradhna if she is not the one to get married to Vikram to which Aradhna gets shocked and asks Reyansh what he has been thinking till now.

Reyansh gets happy knowing that Vikram is getting married to Pooja and asks Aradhna to hurry up as they have to complete their friends’ marriage.

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