Barsatein 19th July 2023 Written Update Episode 8

Today’s Barsatein 19th July 2023 episode starts with Aradhna getting shocked and amused at the same time on seeing Reyansh acting so soft toward her and even saying sorry.

However, Aradhna says that she cannot trust a man who considers every woman to be a loose character for which Reyansh again apologizes to her sweetly.

Seeing Reyansh acting like that, Aradhna gets butterflies in her stomach and walks out of the cafeteria as her phone rings but Reyansh also comes there with Aradhna’s breakfast.

Aradhna asks Reyansh why he is doing so much for her to which Reyansh replies that he wants to get close to her as they are on the same team due to Vikram.

As Reyansh proceeds to walk away, he hears Aradhna picking up the phone and the person on the other line turns out to be Krishnan.

Aradhna gets to know that Krishnan has come to meet her at the office which Reyansh overhears and grits his teeth in jealousy.

Reyansh goes to the surveillance room and watches the reception footage and rants about how Krishnan applies the leftover oil in which fish has been fried.

Calling Krishnan “Telu”, Reyansh continues to rant in jealousy and drink his antacid when Vikram comes there and gets amused to see and hear Reyansh.

Aradhna refuses to trace anybody’s phone as she is not a spy and tells Krishnan that he cannot just invade his sister’s privacy like that.

Krishnan says that his sister does not know anything and there might be danger ahead in the form of men to which Aradhna says that his sister can take care of herself.

As the argument gets a bit heated, Krishnan mistakenly touches Aradhna’s shoulder which triggers Reyansh and he comes to the reception and slams Krishnan on the counter harshly.

Aradhna asks Reyansh to leave Krishnan after which Krishnan hides behind her while she asks Reyansh to say sorry to Krishnan.

Reyansh tells Aradhna that Telu dared to touch her as he saw everything on CCTV which shocks Aradhna and she asks him the reason he was watching her like that.

Without any option, Reyansh gets closer to Krishnan and tells sorry to him with his eyes saying “Come here again and your trace will disappear forever.”

Reyansh comes inside the office and watches Aradhna smiling by herself as she stares at the CCTV camera making him flustered.

Meanwhile, Pooja asks Vikram to sit still and wait for her marriage sweets as her parents are doing her roka that very day.

Vikram tells the problem to Reyansh and he promises Vikram that he would make Vikram and her marry by the night with their marriage certificate ready.

Reyansh watches Vikram talking to Aradhna from his cabin and swallows his pain as he thinks that Aradhna and Vikram are going to marry.

Aradhna comes home to take Pooja with her while their house is crowded with people and tells Pooja that Vikram and Reyansh would wait for them at the temple for marriage.

However, Pooja’s father along with Harsh, finds out the mobile Vikram gave Pooja and locks Aradhna and Pooja inside a room after taking away Aradhna’s phone.

At the same time, Reyansh asks Vivek to slow down on his planning of the anniversary and asks for his help in arranging the judge and priest for marriage.

With the judge signing the declaration, Reyansh and Vikram split up and Reyansh reaches Aradhna’s neighborhood after cutting the electricity line.

Reyansh meets Harsh and other neighbours and says that he has come to cover the storm damage which is why the light has gone and proceeds to search for Aradhna.

Aradhna comes out of the room after tricking an aunty to open the door and gets shocked to see Reyansh standing on the road.

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