Barsatein 18th July 2023 Written Update Episode 7

Today’s Barsatein 18th July 2023 episode starts with Kadambari Devi doing a photo shoot for her interview while Sunaina arranges everything needed on the site.

Kadambari’s personal assistant, Dubey tells Sunaina that she should have let him make the arrangements as the photographer asks Kadambari for a family picture.

Aradhna enters the house and tells that Dubey must think very critically about Kadambari’s private life for him to sell those for money.

Dubey tries to get Aradhna away from there but Kadambari stops Dubey as Aradhna talks about her family information being leaked in public.

Aradhna shows the newspaper headlines to Kadambari and tells her that she has made her private life trustable to people like Dubey who only know how to make use of them for their own benefit.

As Dubey tries to deny the allegation, Aradhna says that she has already met the owner of the dotcom magazine who was her ex-boss and confirmed everything, from his contact info to the payment details.

Kadambari asks Dubey to leave that instant and tells Sunaina to take back the useful keys from him before he leaves.

Aradhna tells Kadambari that she has built a wall outside her in which she has allowed outsiders but not her own family members, even her son Reyansh.

The way Reyansh is at present with his arrogant and unempathetic personality is because of the hate he has gotten from his mother over the years.

Aradhna says that she could understand Reyansh after a bit of time passed and understood why his heart bears so much hate for women as he thinks all of them are wrong.

Vivek comes there and asks Aradhna to say sorry to Kadambari as Aradhna tells Kadambari that she never became a good and loving mother to Reyansh.

Aradhna refuses to say sorry to Vivek and says that they as parents only gave Reyansh pain and hate in his heart for which he still searches for love everywhere.

As Aradhna leaves, Reyansh watches her from a corner while tears stream down his cheeks and he silently walks out after grabbing a bottle of alcohol.

Reyansh comes to Vikram’s house in a drunk state and tells him how Aradhna fought his parents for him and said things that were suppressed in his heart for so long.

Vikram says that Reyansh finally got his sense back as he has realized that Aradhna is a good girl and further tells Reyansh that Aradhna heard his words at the parking lot.

Reyansh regrets saying such things for Aradhna and asks Vikram if he loves Aradhna to which Vikram replies with a yes to teach a lesson to Reyansh.

After Reyansh leaves after wishing him and Aradhna the best of luck, Vikram calls Aradhna and tells her that Reyansh has agreed to help them in rescuing Pooja and get them married.

Both Reyansh and Aradhna get rained on by the night rain and think about each other as they are already falling for the other.

Meanwhile, Kadambari tells Vivek that she is afraid that Reyansh can never love anyone as he does not understand the concept himself but Vivek assures her that Reyansh will manage everything.

The next day, Aradhna comes to the cafeteria and gets welcomed by Reyansh who gives her a healthy breakfast platter as she has diabetes.

Aradhna gets shocked to see Reyansh taking care of her to which Reyansh says that he is trying to look after everyone at the office.

Reyansh says sorry to Aradhna for his rude behaviour toward her and says that he needs her and does not want to lose her making Aradhna’s heart skip a beat.

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