Barsatein 17th July 2023 Written Update Episode 6

Today’s Barsatein 17th July 2023 episode starts with Aradhna hearing Reyansh saying that she is nothing but a woman of low character who simultaneously makes relationships with several men.

Vikram asks Reyansh what he is saying about Aradhna as nothing is like it seems to him and he has no right to talk about the character of another woman like that.

Sunaina asks Vikram and Reyansh why they are fighting like that to which Vikram replies that Reyansh is after Aradhna now without any reason.

Reyansh says that he knows girls like Aradhna very well and how they manipulate men to get what they need in their lives.

Unable to contain his anger, Vikram says that he is leaving as being with Reyansh will turn him crazy.

Reyansh tries to stop Vikram but Sunaina asks Reyansh to maintain a line of decency and never comment anything like this about a woman.

Sunaina warns Reyansh that his behaviour will leave him alone one day with none of his friends by his side.

Aradhna comes upstairs and overviews her first program while expressing everything inside her heart and decide to look for another job as she cannot overlook her self-respect being crushed like that.

Reyansh comes to Aradhna but she passes by him without giving him a glance and closes the elevator on Reyansh’s face.

After returning, Aradhna tells her parents that she is going to meet Pooja but Harsh stops Aradhna, saying that she cannot go to their house.

Aradhna says that Pooja is an adult girl who has the right to choose things for herself and cannot be just shut inside a cage for her entire life.

Harsh tells Aradhna that she has already caused enough problems for him and does not even care for her parent’s reputation which offends Aradhna.

Saying that Vikram is not the right boy for Pooja, Harsh shows Aradhna the newspaper where Reyansh and Kadambari’s news is published.

Aradhna argues that if anyone in this era wants to marry by their own choice, no one can stop them.

Later at night, Aradhna catches Bhakti eating sweets secretly and assures her that she would say sorry to Harsh the next day while Bhakti says that Pooja’s parents are introducing her to a boy.

The next day, Aradhna informs Vikram about the matter and they both plan to meet with Pooja so that a plan can be made to stop everything.

Reyansh starts feeling jealous again after seeing Aradhna with Vikram and tells Sunaina that he does not want his friend to get fooled by Aradhna.

At the meeting, Reyansh intentionally ditches Aradhna’s ideas and compliments another employee for giving creative ideas for coverage.

Aradhna and Vikram leave to meet Pooja while Reyansh also comes to the restaurant following them.

Reyansh spots a covered booth-like structure and gets jealous as the bartender tells him that it is a private setting for couples.

Aradhna leaves after making Pooja and Vikram meet each other as Pooja comes to them with the excuse of the washroom.

Meanwhile, Harsh bumps into Reyansh and asks him how Vikram is as a person while Aradhna spots them and gets nervous.

Reyansh says that his friend is the best boy to spend life with as he is kind and non-toxic because of his wonderful mother who gave him every love and adoration possible since childhood.

Vikram and Pooja plan to do a court marriage after which Aradhna asks them to leave while she reveals to Pooja that she wants to expose the person who is publishing things about Reyansh’s family.

Pooja warns Aradhna not to get infected by her own hero in her love story while Aradhna says that she wants Reyansh to feel relieved and loved.

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