Barsatein 14th July 2023 Written Update Episode 5

Today’s Barsatein 14th July 2023 episode starts with Aradhna coming to Pooja’s house but getting stopped by Pooja’s mother who asks Aradhna to leave as Pooja’s father is very angry.

Before Aradhna can say anything, Harsh (Aradhna’s father) asks her to come home without any further discussion with Pooja’s mother.

Harsh scolds Aradhna for hiding Pooja’s relationship from everyone and says that Aradhna could have let them know about the truth earlier.

Aradhna replies that Pooja is an adult and can choose her life partner by herself to which Harsh says that parents will not matter at all to them.

With anger taking over Harsh, he comes inside with Bhakti following him and she asks Harsh not to talk to Aradhna like that or else she would suspect the truth pretty soon.

Harsh says that it is time for them to tell Aradhna the truth but Bhakti stops Harsh and says that the truth cannot be revealed ever as she loves Aradhna very much.

Meanwhile, Reyansh comes back home in a jealous mood and watches Kadambari singing songs for her past lover which irritates him even more.

Reyansh says that Kadambari is a selfish woman who worships another man while living with her husband and son and talks about Aradhna as she also smiles at other people except him.

Kadambari says that she has seen Reyansh disappointed after a long time and guesses that there is something special about that girl to which Reyansh says that she is also a betrayer like Kadambari.

Reyansh’s father asks him to talk to his mother politely and says that his love does not comply with Kadambari to love him too as he is happy with his love for her.

After Reyansh leaves, Reyansh’s father and Kadambari decide to have dinner together and enjoy their time together.

The next day, Reyansh watches Aradhna searching for Vikram and gulps down antacids as he feels his heart burning as he watches Aradhna leave with Vikram.

At the cafeteria, Vikram asks Aradhna why his love for Pooja does not matter and gets frustrated when Reyansh distracts them with the noise of the chair and says that he has come to get Dahi.

While eating his curd, Reyansh sneaks at Aradhna as she passes by the corridor of the second floor without making it obvious.

Back to the present day, Aradhna’s friend asks her if she got heartbroken after getting rejected by Reyansh while Aradhna says that the story was a bit opposite.

With a potluck organized at the office, Reyansh watches Aradhna gobbling up biriyani and asks her not to dump food into her stomach like a dustbin.

Aradhna leaves after Vikram walks out of the room and Reyansh tells Sunaina about Vikram and Aradhna being suspicious to which Sunaina says that they should not bother with that matter.

As Aradhna leaves the office, Reyansh traps her with his arms pinned to the wall and asks her what she is going for outside.

Later, Aradhna and her sister take the help of the housemaid and make Vikram talk to Pooja which Reyansh hears and gets angry.

Reyansh asks Aradhna to come to the office within 15 minutes while Aradhna takes Krishnan’s help and leaves saying that they are going on a drive.

Aradhna and Krishnan reach the parking lot while Reyansh waits for Vikram and Krishnan applies medicine on Aradhna’s neck due to her prawn allergy which looks like they are kissing.

Reyansh clenches his jaw watching Aradhna meeting with Vikram after Krishnan leaves and he tells Vikram that Aradhna is a manipulative type of woman.

Aradhna comes back to the parking lot to search for her ID card and hears Reyansh talking ill about her character as she clings onto several men at the same time.

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