Barsatein 13th July 2023 Written Update Episode 4

Today’s Barsatein 13th July 2023 episode starts with Reyansh turning furious after seeing the article and calling Vikram to let him know Aradhna’s address as he is sure that she is the one behind it.

Reyansh causes a scene at Aradhna’s house

Meanwhile, guests enjoy pakoras and gossip at Aradhna’s house with the house filled with people chattering.

Krishnan talks to Aradhna and asks her what she thinks about the cosmetic sector as she can work there with her beautiful face.

Aradhna replies that she hates to fake her smile and excuses herself to drink water while Bhakti (Aradhna’s mother) comes to her and asks her how she liked Krishnan.

Aradhna says that he only talks about doctors and medicine to which Bhakti says that Krishnan has a good family and career which will keep Aradhna secure and happy.

Coming to Pooja and her sister, Aradhna tells them about her horrible condition after which Pooja gives Aradhna the idea that she should tell Krishnan that she has a boyfriend who has anger issues to scare him.

Aradhna likes the idea and tells Krishnan that she already has a boyfriend who has issues in his head and is a madman like Kabir Singh.

Just then, Reyansh arrives outside Aradhna’s house and starts shouting her name, asking her to come out at once.

Aradhna comes downstairs with the people of the neighbourhood gathering outside and asks Reyansh why he is making a scene in front of her house.

Reyansh says that Aradhna is the one who has made a scene and proved that she is just a dotcom gossip girl, not a serious journalist.

As Aradhna’s father asks Reyansh why he is demeaning their respect in front of the whole neighbourhood, Reyansh tells him to control his daughter and leaves in anger.

Aradhna’s father tells her that she is not allowed to do that job anymore and will follow whatever they decide for her.

Reyansh apologizes to Aradhna 

Later, Reyansh comes to the office where he discovers that Aradhna is not the person who spread the news from Vikram’s valid sources.

Aradhna comes storming into the office and enters Reyansh’s cabin while Reyansh seems relieved and says that he was about to call her soon.

However, Aradhna slams her resignation letter on the table and starts walking out with Reyansh trying to stop her and admitting that he did wrong by making a scene.

Aradhna says that it is not her or her parent’s fault that Reyansh can’t control his emotions while Reyansh gives a promotion offer to Aradhna which does not work at all.

Later, Aradhna comes to meet Pooja and discovers that Vikram is her boyfriend after which Vikram and Aradhna start arguing with each other.

Pooja says that she was afraid of something like that and leaves with Aradhna after asking Vikram to go home.

However, Aradhna gets shocked to see Reyansh laughing with her parents and sister in her house.

He promises Aradhna’s dad that he will send a car for Aradhna as traveling alone so late is not safe.

Aradhna drags Reyansh out of her house by giving some excuse and tells him that she will not come back just because Reyansh has buttered her parents.

Reyansh hands Aradhna the promotion letter and tells her that he had to apologize to her parents which is done now so he should leave.

Aradhna asks Reyansh to say sorry to her with a smile on his face to which Reyansh smirks weirdly making Aradhna laugh.

Reyansh stares at himself in the rear mirror and tries to smile by himself but fails utterly.

Reyansh starts feeling jealous seeing Aradhna with Vikram

The next day, Reyansh continues to give off his weird smirk to everyone in the office while trying to smile after which Aradhna comes to his cabin and tells him that he is scaring everyone.

Aradhna shows Reyansh how to smile by giving off a smile herself but Reyansh acts cold and asks Aradhna to cover a story at the airport regarding a social influencer Kabir and his girlfriend.

Vikram comes to Aradhna and asks her what she told Pooja that she is not talking to him for two days which leaves Aradhna surprised.

Reyansh watches Vikram holding Aradhna’s hand and taking her to the second floor after which he continues to glare at them from his cabin.

Later, Aradhna comes to Pooja’s house to talk to her and calls Vikram which Reyansh notices and acts cranky with Vikram as he leaves.

Reyansh asks the editor to rewind the clip and stares at Aradhna smiling at someone with a blank stare as his heart feels something swelling inside.

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