Barsatein 12th July 2023 Written Update Episode 3

Today’s Barsatein 12th July 2023 episode starts with Aradhna and everyone attending a meeting with Reyansh for the latest coverage and stories they need to research.

Reyansh throws away his birthday cake

Vikram says that Minister Vrijesh has decided to come after them after they exposed his latest corruption on their channel.

Reyansh says that everyone can do whatever they want but his company will not stop taking risks.

Aradhna stares at Reyansh with nothing but respect when an intern enters the conference room with a birthday cake while singing a birthday song for Reyansh.

Reyansh stares at the cake with amused eyes as the intern lights up the candles while Vikram and Sunaina look nervous seeing the cake.

With a smile, Reyansh picks up the cake and dumps it into the trash can after which he pours liquor in it making the candles light up into a fire.

Reyansh asks everyone to go out of the conference room and drinks by himself while Aradhna watches him from outside and wonders why Reyansh acts so bitter about his own birthday.

Aradhna comforts that intern in the cafeteria when another employee comes there and tells the intern that it was the worst move to plan something like that for Reyansh.

The employee tells Aradhna that Reyansh hates his birthdays and acts ruder and more arrogant with everybody for that day every year which makes Aradhna confused.

Aradhna says that Reyansh should not create such terror in the office as it makes it difficult for them to work.

The employee says that some woman has broken Reyansh to such an extent that his heart and brain do not sync with each other anymore.

Aradhna saves Reyansh from thugs

Later, Reyansh plays games and drinks beer with Vikram at a cafe and lectures him for trusting women as Vikram supposedly has a new girlfriend.

Vikram says that Reyansh should think about himself first as he does not need any relationship but a therapist for himself who would help him to move on in his life.

Reyansh asks Vikram to get tied to his girlfriend after Vikram says that he is Reyansh’s friend because he has known him since childhood.

After fighting with Vikram, Reyansh comes to the office in his drunk state and starts drinking more after entering the editing room.

Meanwhile, some goons attack the office and start destroying everything while Sunaina asks Aradhna to take all the employees out of there and guard the MCR room.

Aradhna blocks the glass door with a sofa and enters the MCR room while the employees start live streaming to show how the minister’s people are destroying their office.

On entering the MCR room, Aradhna spots Reyansh lying on the sofa in a drunk state and gets a call from Vikram who asks Aradhna to make sure that Reyansh does not go in front of those thugs.

Aradhna stops Reyansh from going out of the room and pins him to the wall while shutting his mouth with her hand as she hears some people banging on the door.

Reyansh jokes that Aradhna can go to jail for coming so close to him while the police come and arrest those thugs.

Sunaina and Vikram open the MCR room and ask Aradhna to drop Reyansh at his house as they need to handle the press for now.

Aradhna meets Reyansh’s mother, Kadambari

With great struggle, Aradhna puts Reyansh in his car and drives it to his house after which a servant brings him inside.

However, Reyansh’s blabbering stops as he spots a woman walking toward him who is none other than his mother, Kadambari.

Kadambari asks Reyansh why he is so late as she does not sleep until she wishes him a happy birthday but Reyansh asks her to stop with her greatness and welcomes Aradhna inside.

Reyansh says that Aradhna and Kadambari would become great friends as one wants him out of the office and his mother did not even want to give birth to him.

Aradhna gets surprised as Reyansh says that Kadambari loved someone else but his birth ruined her happiness forever.

Before Aradhna leaves, Kadambari tells Aradhna that she should control her heart so that she does not fall in love with Reyansh.

Aradhna comes back home and hugs her parents while thanking them for being so supportive and kind toward her.

Late at night, Kadambari plays the sitar and remembers the past when she was going to leave Reyansh’s father to meet her lover but could not go because she got pregnant with Reyansh.

The next day, Reyansh wakes up in a sour mood and sees an article trending on his and Kadambari’s broken relationship which he suspects that Aradhna has leaked.

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