Barsatein 11th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Today’s Barsatein 11th July 2023 episode starts with Aradhna coming to HR and telling her that she wants to file an official complaint against Reyansh Lamba for touching her inappropriately.

Reyansh gets accused by Aradhna

The HR tells Aradhna that Reyansh might have touched her with a placid motive and he does not harbour any negative or creepy feelings toward her.

However, Aradhna does not listen to any excuses and asks her complaint to be lodged to which the HR agrees as she cannot give Aradhna unfair treatment.

Later, the HR and another friend, Vikram, come to Reyansh and scold him for behaving in such a way with another female employee.

Reyansh says that he did not do it with any bad intentions and acted as he always does, to which his friend replies that she can understand him but the others cannot.

Vikram asks Reyansh to apologize to Aradhna for his action if he does not want to be kicked out of his own company.

Aradhna talks with another employee who says that Reyansh is not some creep who takes advantage of girls but is a bit psycho when it comes to women.

Aradhna gets shocked to hear something like that when Reyansh comes to her and tells her that he patted her with encouragement, not with any perverted thoughts.

As Aradhna says that she will not take back her complaint even though Reyansh says sorry, Reyansh smiles at her and says that she can do whatever she wants.

Aradhna and Reyansh clash against each other

Later, Aradhna tells HR about how casual Reyansh seemed to be when Reyansh comes there and says that he will work on the Director’s case before he gets thrown out of the company.

Aradhna tells Reyansh that the story belongs to her but Reyansh says that he is the boss and has the right to decide.

Reyansh says that the director is a victim while Aradhna says that the actress, Muskaan is the victim which she would prove soon.

After the night falls, Aradhna comes back home and finds her father’s boss visiting them with his son, Krishna.

Aradhna gets ready after changing her clothes and complains to her mother about making her meet a boy without her permission.

Aradhna’s mother tells her that the boy is a doctor and well-settled and asks her to at least talk to him once.

Their aunt says that they can settle the relationship for Pooja too but Pooja stops them and asks the ladies to go out as she is bringing Aradhna out soon.

Aradhna asks Pooja why she has not said anything to the family about her boyfriend to which Pooja replies that her parents will not like her boyfriend’s background.

Aradhna realizes Reyansh’s positive charms

Suddenly, Aradhna gets a notification and rushes to work after saying sorry to her parents as Reyansh has decided to take an interview with Director Raju regarding the scandal.

Aradhna reaches there and hears the Director’s point of view where he states that he loved Muskaan selflessly and even ruined his marriage for her but she just wanted to get a role from him.

Reyansh stares at Aradhna with proud eyes as the director says that his whole life is ruined because of his love.

After the interview gets over, Aradhna asks Reyansh why he only listened to the director and not the actress to which Reyansh does not respond.

Aradhna decides to do an interview with Muskaan and uploads the clips without asking Reyansh once.

However, the next morning Aradhna sees that no news channel is playing her news and rushes to the office where she starts shouting at Reyansh for his hypocrisy.

Reyansh shows Aradhna her news playing on the channel which makes her go silent while Reyansh walks away without caring about anything.

At night, Aradhna’s parents wait for her to come home and say that Aradhna’s overwhelming spirit will bring the winds of the past again into the present.

Aradhna takes back her complaint

The next day, Aradhna leaves for the office after asking Pooja to introduce her boyfriend to her later after which Aradhna’s sister asks Pooja how long she intends to hide the truth from Aradhna.

Aradhna enters the office after which she gets a call from her former boss who says that Reyansh will be thrown out of the office due to some’s girl’s complaint and Khosla (the politician) is planning to plant some puppets as the new boss.

Watching all the employees getting demotivated about Reyansh leaving, Aradhna rethinks her decision and decides to let go of Reyansh with a warning for this time.

Back to the present, Aradhna’s friend asks her to continue the story and Aradhna says that a new season started to bloom in her life from then on.

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