Barsatein 10th July 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today’s Barsatein 10th July 2023 episode starts with a crowded cafe where Aradhna meets her friend and talks about how her heart got broken.

As the friend asks Aradhna to tell her the whole story, Aradhna says that it all started 6 months ago when a wind came into her life.

The beginning of a heartbreak

A flashback shows a minister coming to a hotel and meeting the owner while Reyansh follows them with his face hidden.

However, Reyansh gets stopped at the door of the private room and comes back to the new reporting van parked outside.

Reyansh gives a pen drive to his colleague who pins it and gets access to the footage inside the private room as Reyansh has fitted secret cameras on the drinks cart.

With instant live broadcasting, Reyansh and his employees expose that politician’s corrupt secrets which they discuss inside that room.

Meanwhile, Aradhna watches Reyansh’s sting operation on the news and tells her boss that they should cover stories like that but he says they are just a small website.

Later, Aradhna’s parents watch the news and tell her that she should have studied science instead which makes her feel a bit upset.

Aradhna meets Reyansh as an undercover

Along with her sister and another friend, Aradhna discovers that Reyansh’s father is the owner of the hotel where that politician was caught red-handed.

She concludes that Reyansh took personal revenge while acting like he is exposing corruption.

Aradhna gets to know that Reyansh’s father and that politician were business partners in the past and goes to Reyansh’s house party as an undercover spy.

Reyansh and Aradhna meet for the first time as Reyansh’s father compliments Aradhna for loving books after which Aradhna enters the study room and searches for the files.

Reyansh’s father tells him that “she” would definitely come to the party but Reyansh stares at the flowers prepared for “her” and throws them away.

Aradhna successfully gathers evidence and walks out of the room after which she bumps into Reyansh who wonders why she looked so nervous.

Aradhna’s company publishes the scoop but her boss decides to apologize for spreading false news at the last moment.

Reyansh surprises Aradhna by coming to her office and says that his scoop was to expose corruption as that politician was corrupt to the core.

Aradhna realizes that she has misjudged the situation but Reyansh’s father likes her courageous spirit and hires her in their news company.

Reyansh gets slapped by Aradhna

Back to the present, Aradhna and her friend leave the coffee house and Aradhna says that she was fascinated to work in that company with everyone expressing their views independently.

However, as Aradhna talks about Reyansh as a person, the flashback resumes with her attending a meeting regarding the stories and scoops at the office.

Reyansh talks about the story they will write on vegans who refuse to drink milk and any dairy-related items but still demand high-quality soy milk and luxury items to diversify their diet pallet.

Aradhna eats chunks of chocolate while listening to Reyansh which gets noticed by him and he says that Aradhna should focus on presenting a story more than eating her chocolate.

Before Aradhna can explain that she is eating chocolate due to her sugar problem, Reyansh moves on to the next topic which is an actress lodging a case against a well-known movie actor saying that he took advantage of her.

Reyansh says that the actress roamed around with the director knowing that he was exploiting her which seems intentional and they will present the story in favour of the actress.

Aradhna says that the actress has been fooled by the director as he promised her a role in his movie.

Hearing that, Reyansh replies that women can play their victim card anytime and turn public sympathy toward them which makes Aradhna realize how misogynist he is.

Later, Aradhna comes to Reyansh with her research in favour of the actress and says that men are given the most power in every field which leads to these types of cases.

Reyansh gets impressed and spanks Aradhna’s butt to compliment her but Aradhna walks to Reyansh and slaps him in front of everyone at the office.

Everyone stares at Aradhna with shocked eyes while she walks away from Reyansh who stands silently.

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